Thatsit Balans Kneeling Chair Review

Thatsit chair

Thatsit Work Or Relax

Thatsit is built around the original Balans concept with the addition of a number of great additional features extending the well respected flexibility of the original model even further.

First, it has adjustable knee rests making it suitable for both tall and small users as well as children from 10 years upwards. Knee rest adjustment is very straightforward and means users can vary their kneeling position in seconds by means of adjuster knobs conveniently located on the inside of the chair's front runners.

Second the seat depth can be adjusted by a lever underneath the seat pad, this allows the user to set up the seat setting to the perfect sitting point for their leg length.

Thatsit knee chair

Reclining In The Thatsit

Third, there is an option available for the Thatsit allowing the addition of a height adjustable backrest. This can be great for moments when you feel like reclining while you pause to think something over or you just want to recline and stretch.

Of course it's perfectly possible to lean back in the standard Variable Balans, however it means changing seating position as you need to hold on to your knee or shin for support when you do so. With a Thatsit you are able to lean back and let the backrest take the strain.

Designed for dynamic sitting the chair is a great way of maintaining healthy body movement as well as keeping users mentally alert too. It is only natural to want to move while sitting and the Thatsit Balans makes it very easy for people to be in continuous motion and so energizing and keeping the body lively.

Thatsit kneeling chair

Thatsit Balans Backwards

The runners follow the movement of the body and encourage active sitting. Additionally the seat is designed to distribute body weight in such a way it results in strengthening and balancing the spine properly relative to the pelvis.

The knee pads prevent the user’s body from sliding forwards so you are always safely seated.

Although most people might think the Thatsit Balans is only for office use it actually makes a great chair for tasks like reading and studying, eating meals and watching TV too. Being very light due to its durable wooden frame makes it very easy to move around too.

The beauty of this type of kneeling chair is the amazing variations in the way you can sit on it, limited only by the user’s imagination.

Here Are 8 Different Sitting Positions You Can Check Out

  • Sitting kneeling with an upright back - the way most users see it
  • Sitting kneeling inclined forwards and arms resting on desk.
  • Sitting one leg extended and resting the other knee on the knee pad
  • Sitting one leg extended and resting the other foot on the knee pad
  • Sitting both legs extended and feet resting on the floor
  • Sitting on the seat pad feet on floor and knee pads behind you
  • Reclining on back rest, body leaning backwards (back rest model)
  • Sitting backwards on chair resting chest and arms on back (back rest model)
Thatsit chair

Feet Up Thatsit

It really does give you an extraordinary variety of seating positions each providing a healthy variation to your seating position keeping the body active.

Overall it provides a much healthier open angle seating position opening up the hip joint angle well beyond the restrictive 90 degrees associated with so many conventional office chairs.

This way of sitting strengthens the body's core abdominal muscles helping to promote good muscular tone and comfort as well as benefiting breathing and circulation at the same time.

Technical Information, Dimensions and Warranty

There is only one size of chair which is built around a good quality natural bent wood frame offered in either a natural, mocca or black finish all sourced from sustainable forests. It is very strong and lightweight making it truly portable and ideal for use in both the office and home, where it can be used in a wide variety of sitting situations.

Thatsit Balans is available in a wide range of fabrics as well as leather upholstery, for quick shipping it is offered in Black Crusvik fabric with a natural wood frame finish.

The dimensions of the chair are as follows:

  • Top of seat pad from floor 20 inches
  • Overall height if fitted an adjustable back 34 to 37 inches
  • Overall length with back fitted 32.70 inches
  • Overall width 19.70 inches

The wooden frame structure is covered by a 7 year warranty with the mechanical parts having 5 years warranty and upholstery and foam covered for 3 years.

If you plan to use one on a wooden floor it would be best to include the optional soft tape protectors these fit to the underside of the chair runners to take away any chance of floor damage.

Where To Buy Online

This online specialist carries both the standard Thatsit Balans and the adjustable back version offering a great price on both with free shipping to the US mainland.