Review Of The BackSaver Swivel Posture Kneeling Chair

Continuing with our series of articles and reviews of Kneeling Chairs, we are taking a detailed look at the BackSaver Swivel Posture Kneeling Chair.

Swivel Posture Kneeling Chair

Swivel Posture Knee Chair

In our review we will begin by looking at BackSaver the company, next we will consider the main features of the BackSaver Model TSC100 chair and its similarities and points of difference with other kneeling products, then we will look at its dimensions and adjustability functions and we will conclude by asking who may benefit from using a TSC100 chair.

The aim of this review is to give you a good idea of what the chair is all about and how it might help you.

So, let's jump right in and take a brief look at BackSaver the company. BackSaver Inc. is a US based company and has been involved in back care products for well over 40 years. Initially involved in back support foams, today they specialise in a wide range of back care products of which their Swivel Posture Kneeling Chair is but one and aimed specifically at the ergonomic office chair market.

With their knowledge of healthy back maintenance they are eminently placed to produce a kneeling chair.

Moving on, we'll next take a closer look at Model TSC100 and consider its main features, how it differs from other Kneeling Chairs like the Jobri and Balans and the benefits it offers the user.

The first thing you'll notice is that the TCS100 Swivel Posture Kneeling Chair has a chair back and this is relatively unusual in a Kneeling Chair and in fact the Kneelsit ergonomic computer chair is probably the only other one that includes a back rest.

The inclusion of a backrest is a good idea, particularly if you plan to sit in your knee chair for extended periods of time as it is adjustable for both height and depth to fit you properly. That said it's removable too, so the choice is yours.

The seat height is adjustable by pneumatic gas lift to allow you to set the ideal height for your own needs. The chair is set on a 5 star swivel base and includes locking brake castors to prevent the chair sliding about once you have sat on it.

The next area to consider is the chair's dimensions and adjustability options.

Swivel Posture Kneeling Chair Dimensions & Technical Information

The seat height is adjustable between 18'' - 23'' by means of gas lift height adjustment operated by a lever on the right hand underside of the chairs seat pad.

The seat back measures 11'' high by 16'' wide and is adjustable for both height and depth to allow the user to set it to their needs, overall adjustment range is about 2'' which should allow for most user's needs.

The seat pad itself is 13'' deep by 17'' wide formed with comfortable moulded foam and upholstered in a hard wearing black crepe fabric. In common with many other Kneeling Chairs black is the only choice of fabric colour, the exception to this being the HÅG Balans Kneeling Chair.

The kneeling pad is fitted with a contoured upholstered single moulded foam pad.

The chair is designed to support users weighing up to 275lbs and the chair itself weighs about 40lbs and is simple to assemble.

Is The Swivel Posture A Good Choice For You?

So, what are the benefits of a chair like the TSC100 Kneeling Chair to you as an office worker?

Many people nowadays are looking to use a Kneeling Chair for an alternative form of chair that that can help them with variation in seating position at work, alternating between it and a conventional office chair. This is particularly true for workers who suffer with back and neck pain. This is a good idea as it provides you with a completely different seating experience and encourages a healthy open seating position that Kneeling Chairs enable the user to achieve.

On the other hand you may be happy to sit in a Kneeling Seat throughout your working day. You will find that the BackSaver Swivel Posture Chair let's you do so and is particularly suitable as its highly adjustable back rest offers additional support and comfort when sitting for extended periods of time.

To conclude then BackSaver has a long pedigree in back related products and the Swivel Posture Knee Seat is a good quality flexible Kneeling Chair. It's adjustable back is undoubtedly a useful extra feature not normally found with the majority of knee seats. If you suffer with back and neck pain a seat like this could well be the ideal answer for you. Unfortunately, this chair no longer appears to be available online.