Review Of The Kneelsit Chair

Update: Following the death of the owner of the company that made the Kneelsit chair it is no longer being manufactured

There is a small possibility of obtaining a used Kneelsit chair, so we are retaining this review to enable you to check out the chair's features.

Realistically, there's not much chance of finding a second user model. Consequently you may wish to check out our other kneeling chair reviews to read about alternative products

The Kneelsit ergonomic Kneeling Chair really does take knee seating to a new level. Although conventional Kneeling Seats work well for most people, there are a minority who find that they just can't remain comfortable in a normal knee chair for prolonged periods.

Kneelsit animation to show how the chair works

How The Kneelsit Works

The Kneelsit ergonomic computer chair has taken the basic concept of the Kneeling Seat and built in a lot of adjustability and flexibility that traditional kneeling products lack.

So let's take a look at what makes a Kneelsit different.

The basis of the Kneelsit ergonomic computer chair is a well-engineered sturdy steel frame finished in an epoxy powder coated paint finish. The higher part of the frame takes the seat pad and the chair back, with the lower part supporting the kneeling pad (shin cushion). The base of the Kneelsit is fitted with a total of 5 castors for mobility, 2 at the front and 3 at the rear.

Both upper and lower seat kneeling pads are adjustable so you can set them up to suit your own body weight and size.

Taking the upper part of the frame first, this is where the seat pad and in turn the Kneelsit's chair back are located. Unusually for a Kneeling Chair the Kneelsit has a back, not only that, it is also adjustable for both depth and height, enabling you to get the back to fit snugly into the small of your back or lordosis where support is most needed.

The seat has a choice of 6 different height adjustment positions that enable the Kneelsit to cater for a wide range of height from around 5ft to 6ft 8ins, additionally it has a rear seat spring that is also adjustable to cater for people weighing from around 100 lbs to just over 400lbs.

The Kneelsit chair back is depth adjustable by means of a knob on the underside of the seat that allows the back to be slid in and out, to suit individual seating requirements. The back height can be adjusted by a similar control fitted to the chair back.

Turning to the lower part of the Kneelsit frame there are the adjustment cradles for the setting up of the shin cushion. This can be adjusted to 3 different settings to cater to tall, average and small body frames.

Setting up the Kneelsit is a one time operation after which your ergonomic Kneeling Chair is fully operational with no need to ever have to worry about any levers, knobs or controls ever again.

When the Kneelsit is correctly adjusted you will find that you adapt a position of perfect balance or equipoise and this has been made possible due to the patented swivel-axle mechanisms incorporated in both the seat and shin cushion assemblies.

You will know if you Kneelsit ergonomic chair is correctly set up as you will be able to rock gently backwards and forwards without feeling any loss of balance. In short you will have reached equipoise - perfect balance.


Kneelsit Kneeling Chair

There is no arm option for the Kneelsit chair as arms would make it very awkward to get in and out of the Kneeling Chair, as well as getting in the way when working at your computer or close up to your desk.

The Kneelsit ergonomic computer chair is available in a black epoxy coated frame with either a grey flecked fabric or black leather for the seat pad and shin cushion.

In conclusion, the Kneelsit is a very well thought out and designed product with excellent build quality. It certainly isn't the cheapest kneeling seat, in fact it's among the more expensive. However, when you consider that the Kneelsit comes with a 15 year guarantee, it truly is a once in a lifetime purchase and if looked at in that light, probably represents one of the best investments you could make for your body and wellbeing.

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