Review Of The Jobri BetterPosture Kneeling Chair Range

Jobri is based in Konawa Oklahoma and produces a wide range of ergonomic products of which the Jobri knee chair range is a part.

It produces the Standard and Solace model (previously known as the Deluxe), plus an enhanced model the Jazzy. These models are reviewed here, there is also a wood based chair called the Classic (formerly known as the Wood Accent F1430) and a separate review of this Kneeling Seat can be found here Jobri Classic Wood Kneeling Chair.

Jobri Standard

Jobri Standard

The entry level Kneeling Seat is the Jobri BetterPosture Standard, which has a black painted steel frame and is manually height adjustable by means of a rear mounted vertical support. The frame of the this kneeling chair has a scissor like construction and by adjusting the vertical adjustment bar it raises and lowers the seat height accordingly.

The overall seat height adjustment is between 21'' and 28.5'' to enable personal adjustment for correct positioning and your overall kneeling comfort. The seat pad is made from supportive polyurethane foam which is upholstered in a good quality black fabric and is 17.5'' wide by 12.5'' deep.

The knee cushion has a pair of pads which are similarly constructed and finished with each being 6.5'' by 11''.

Its kneeling seat angle and knee pad position is fixed and has been designed for body weights up to 280 lbs and should be fine for most users needs.

The Jobri BetterPosture Standard Kneeling Chair has front and rear parallel supports at the base of the Kneeling Seat and these have a castor on each corner to provide maneuverability of the chair at your workstation.

Jobri Deluxe

Jobri Solace

The Jobri Solace is what was prevoiusly the deluxe version of the steel framed Jobri ergonomic Kneeling Chair. Although made from steel like the Standard the design is quite different.

Here Jobri have opted to produce a Kneeling Chair that is pneumatic height adjustable and the design is rather like a conventional office chair which has been fitted with a knee pad and also has the option to include a height and depth adjustable back making it more supportive for users.

Looking at the Solace from bottom to top, it is built around a 5 star swivel base which houses a gas lift which in turn attaches to the underside of the frame that incorporates the seat pad and knee pad fixing brackets.

Height adjustment is between 19'' and 22.5'' and is adjusted by means of lever fitted to the right hand of the ergonomic Kneeling Chair.

The seat pad is slightly larger at 17.5'' wide by 14.5'' deep and the knee pad is a single pad that is 16.5'' by 12''

Jobri Jazzy

Jobri Jazzy Kneeling Chair

There is an enhanced version of the Solace known as Jazzy which is basically the same seat but offers different finish choices.

The chair is more maneuverable by means of its swivel base and is probably the best model for computer use.

Jobri's ergonomic Kneeling Seat models are really designed for static body use, that is to say that the chairs are designed such that the user adjusts the height to suit their body's ergonomic needs and once comfortable would remain in a mainly static position.

All models carries a 3 year warranty, and the Solace and Jazzy models are the better choices as they are much easier to adjust and have the option of an adjustable back support meaning users can gain useful additional support particularly as they get used to using a kneeling chair initially.

Apart from the Jazzy the choice of finish is restricted to black frame and upholstery, which will go with the majority of decors. However some may find this a bit limiting and the Jazzy version also comes in Red, Blue, Grey or Beige fabric, memory foam pads as well as a polished aluminum base.

Some recent user reviews of the standard version complain about fixings working loose and having to be re-tightened as well as the design of the Solace version where some find the base gets in the way. So if you are thinking of buying these products you should bear this in mind. A practical solution for loose fixings might be to use Loctite® when assembling the chair to prevent them from working loose.

Where To Buy Online

This online store offers competitive pricing on the BetterPosture Standard, the Solace and the Jazzy Deluxe Model. All include free ground shipping.