Review of the HÅG Balans Chair

Since this review was first added HÅG has ceased production of this model, however I am leaving this page up so people can still find out about it. It is still just possible to buy a new HÅG Balans, going forward it will be a case of buying a secondhand model and provided it is in good condition should continue to give the user many years of comfortable sitting.

If you find difficulty in reaching a consistently comfortable sitting position in a normal office chair something like the HÅG Balans may well provide a solution.

Although it might appear to have a static seating position this isn't the case at all. It very much encourages the dynamic seating posture so favoured by its designer, Peter Opsvik.

HAG Balans

Wing™ Balans® Chair

It allows you to quickly move your body when sitting and encourages active body movement and a more natural sitting posture.

HÅG believes Balans user's should try different seating positions for keeping the body moving and avoiding the stiffness that tends to set in when you maintain the same rigid seating position for any length of time.

By promoting the forward seating position the chair allows you to adopt the correct seating posture and improves blood circulation and body comfort.

People who are using a kneeling chair for the first time will likely need a little while to get used to it and the new way of sitting. If you job is varied and involves getting up from your desk you will probably adapt to it more quickly.

On the other hand, if you work mainly on similar tasks in the same position throughout your working day, then it's often a good idea to hang onto your old chair to begin with so you can swop between each of them during the day until you get used to kneeling sitting.

The last current HÅG Balans chair was its model 6035 styled to be more compatible for use in the modern office. To begin with the HÅG's Balans Kneeling Chair is based around a 5 star base similar to the sort you might find on any conventional office chair.

That said, like all of the HÅG swivel chair models it isn't just a 5 star base. To begin with it has been stylishly designed to both look good as well as having some practical in-built functions.

Each strut of the Balans Kneeling Chair's swivel base has a raised curved footrest so you can rest your feet on them to vary your seating position. And if you've ever had an itchy foot at work, then you'll really appreciate the ribbed slots moulded into each footrest of the base, just slip your shoe off and use the footrest as a foot scratcher – it works really well!

The Balans Kneeling Chair is fitted with pneumatic height adjustment, the gas lift adjuster actually gives 6" of height variability between approximately 17" – 23".

If you intend to work at higher work surfaces or prefer a more open seating position it is possible to fit 2 sizes of taller gas lift. These give you alternative height adjustment ranges of 20'' – 28'' and 24'' – 33''.

The relationship between the top sloping seat pad and the lower kneeling pad remains fixed at 7" and can't be adjusted. However, unless you are unduly tall this shouldn't be a problem.

The quality and construction of the Balans ergonomic Kneeling Chair is excellent and HÅG confidently offers a 10 year guarantee from date of purchase, (fair wear and tear accepted), with a lifetime guarantee on the gas lift.

If required, the Balans can be fitted with hard floor castors, lockable castors or skids for a more static position.

Where To Buy Online

As pointed out at the beginning of this review HÅG's version of the Balans is no longer in production. In the immediate future you may still be able to buy the HÅG Balans Ergonomic Kneeling Chair here, and they also include free ground shipping with a 30 day return policy.