Is A Kneeling Chair The Right Choice For You?

The idea of a kneeling seat is so radically different from the type of office chair that you are probably familiar with that you may very well question if it is the right choice for you.

Such doubts are only natural and to be expected, so let's take a look at the pros and cons of this type of seat and whether it is the best choice for you.

Advantages Of A Kneeling Chair

The first advantage of this type of seat is that in the majority of cases, there is an absence of levers, buttons and knobs to fiddle with and adjust to get comfortably seated.

Kneeling Seat

Kneeling Seat Alternative Use

Although some models will have adjustments, they are generally far simpler and only need to be set up once.

Another advantage of kneeling chairs is it's so easy to get in and out of your seat. You don't need to raise your body up in the same way you would in a traditional office chair. Instead you literally place your feet on the floor and pretty much walk away.

If you suffer with lower back pain then a knee chair could very likely be ideal for you as it encourages your body to maintain its correct posture and so makes it easier to sit properly. This automatically takes the pressure off the discs and muscles in your lower back which so often cause lower back pain.

If you endure pains and aches in the underside of your thighs sitting in a conventional office seat a kneeling chair should be beneficial for relieving under thigh pressure. The reason for this is you aren't placing weight on the underside of your thighs.

Disadvantages Of A Kneeling Chair

It will take time for you to get used to this completely new type of seating position and it may take several weeks before you feel completely confident with it.

Although a kneeling chair encourages you to sit correctly, some find it difficult to maintain the correct posture for long periods of time. Whilst this will improve as you abdominal and back muscles strengthen, initially you may find you slump a little as your muscles tire.

Should this happen, consider making variations to your kneeling position.

Alternatively, you may find an ideal choice is the Thatsit Balans chair due to the adjustability of both the seat and kneeling pads as well as its adjustable back support. Should you find yourself tiring you can lean back on the backrest and even rest your arms on the built in wings on the rest.

So, these are some of the key points to consider in deciding if a kneeling seat is the right choice of chair for you.

It's likely that you'll probably find there's a learning curve in getting used to this alternative form of seating. And, if you are using a conventional office chair it's probably a good idea to hang on to your old chair so you can get used to kneeling gradually by alternating between the two to begin with.

This Video about the Balans Kneeling Chair collection explains the differences and advantages of the different models.

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