Review of the Paramount Model 7897 High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

Paramount Model 7897 Executive Ergonomic Chair

Paramount Chair

Although Office Master was only founded in 1986, it has nonetheless built an enviable reputation for producing high quality ergonomic office chairs and indeed it is focused on offering outstanding value and quality in the manufacture and supply of excellent ergonomic seating.

The Paramount 7897 Executive Ergonomic Office Chair is typical of their approach to producing a quality executive office seat at a highly competitive cost.

In fact, Business Week rated the Paramount seating range highly for its affordability as well as offering prices very significantly less than its leading competitors. Business Week also noted the popularity of Office Master chairs with noted specialists and therapists in the field of ergonomics.

The Paramount 7897 Chair is a fully featured ergonomic executive office seat, meeting the five point criteria we consider essential as a minimum standard to be considered an ergonomic office chair. In fact the chair has some additional features which we mention in our review below.

Five Point Criteria:

  • Gas lift height adjustment
  • Height adjustable back
  • Height adjustable arms
  • Tilt tension adjustability
  • Adjustable seat depth

Paramount Executive Office Chair Features

The Paramount Model 7897 Executive Ergonomic Office Chair is fitted with a fairly full sized seat pan that has a moderately sculpted seat foam with a rounded front edge to relieve pressure on the backs of the user's thighs.

The backrest is 21ins high by 19ins wide and can be considered to be a high back chair, particularly with the inclusion of the ergonomic headrest. The backrest is actually a separate component and its stem is located into the chair's backrest clamp at the rear of the chair.

The height can then be easily adjusted by simply slackening the retaining knob and setting the back to your requirements and locking it off again once it's set correctly for you.

The backrest also includes a variable position lumbar support, this should be adjusted to offer good support to your lower back region to maintain your back's natural curvature or lordosis. This is easily achieved with a small control wheel on the outside of the chairs backrest on the lower right hand side.

The main chair controls are all located on the underside of the Paramount chair's seat pan, they control the chair's height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, seat tension, seat tilt and lock.

Taking each of these controls in turn, here's how they work.

Chair height adjustment

The chair's height can be adjusted between 17ins to 22ins and this is controlled by a spring loaded lever commonly found on ergonomic office chairs. Lifting the lever whilst seated will take the chair to its lowest height setting. Raising the lever as well as lifting your body weight from the chair's seat allows it to rise again till you find the ideal height for you.

Seat depth adjustment

The chair's seat depth can be adjusted by up to 3ins allowing the dimension from front to back of the Paramount's chair pan to be varied in depth from 17ins to a maximum of 20ins. This is all achieved by a spring mechanism that controls the seat depth.

Seat tension

It's important to set up your chair's seat tension properly otherwise you may find it very difficult to get the chair to recline, or worse still as you sit down the chair falls sharply backwards. This is simply controlled by turning the control wheel on the underneath of the chair. Turning it leftwards reduces the pressure whilst turning it rightwards increases the pressure. The good news is once this has been adjusted you won't need to alter it again.

Seat tilt and lock

The seat will normally tilt in the required direction as you apply your body's weight if you have set up the tension correctly. Additionally, it is also possible to lock off the seat tilt angle to a fixed position, although from your body's point of view this isn't a good idea as it restricts your body movement and could cause postural problems if locked off for extended periods of time.

Optional extras

The Paramount 7897 High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair is offered with an bewildering variety of arm options which is all very confusing. To keep things really simple we suggest you go for the KR-21arm option or if you want that little bit of extra comfort the KR-25G arms have the addition of a soft gel pad to the top of the arms. These arms give 2.25ins of height adjustability which should suit the vast majority of user's needs.

If you feel you need greater arm adjustment flexibility consider the KR-200 which add width adjustability as well as a slightly height range of 2.75ins. The gel version is the KR-200G.

As standard the chair is provided with regular castors for use on carpeted floors. If you work on wood, tile or smooth surfaces then the soft castor option is the one to go for. Office Master also offer two types of braking castor for the Paramount 7897 Executive Chair but they shouldn't normally be necessary.


The structural components of the Office Master Ergonomic Chair models within the Paramount range have a 12 year warranty for normal commercial use. Normal use is defined as the user not weighing more than 250lbs and chair usage of up to 40 hours a week.

Additionally, this full cover doesn't extend to items like casters and control handles used for adjustments, nor does it include the chair's covering. This is normal for office chair manufacturers.


The Paramount Model 7897 Executive Ergonomic Office Chair offers an excellent choice of chair for the discerning user looking for an ergonomic executive seat that offers style, comfort and performance.