Review Of The Mirra® Ergonomic Chair By Herman Miller

Mirra Ergonomic Seat

Mirra Chair

When looking for ergonomic seating, it's not always easy to tell what the right chair for your office needs is. Different people have different body shapes and sizes and different needs from their chair.

The Mirra® Chair from Herman Miller is one great option for you to consider and actually comes in two levels, the fully featured model and a basic model.

This article is based on the fully featured version as the basic one excludes some key features like seat depth adjustment and height adjustable arms.

Innovative design, technology, creativity and time went into the design of this fabulous chair so that you get only the best, which is what you expect from Herman Miller.

Herman Miller Mirra® Chair Principal Points - At A Glance

  • Total back support
  • Balanced ride/easy motion
  • Custom seat comfort
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • A variety of color choices
  • And more!

Mirra® Ergonomic Chair Features And Adjustments

This mesh chair has a pleasing style designed for both looks and comfort. Adjustable arms, tilt tension and custom seat comfort make this ergonomic chair a winning option. If you spend long hours in an office chair, you understand the importance of a comfortable chair that meets your needs. Your chair may just be the most important piece of furniture in your office.

Herman Miller shows that they understand the importance of an ergonomic chair with the Mirra®. The back support is wonderful with this chair. There is no adjustment needed with the bendable, elastic TriFlex backing that supports your entire spine. The Mirra® ergonomic chair conforms to your size and posture as well as movements made within the chair making it perfect for office use.

The simple movement Harmonic Tilt™ creates pivot points at your hip, knee and ankle giving you a smooth ride and a natural movement while in the chair. The Mirra® chair also has advanced spring technology which makes it great for users of all sizes. You never have to feel uncomfortable in your office chair again because you are too short or too tall.

This chair adjusts to your every need. With its wide tilt range, you are always in control of the chair and not the other way around. The Mirra® Chair also has a FlexFront seat edge that allows you to adjust the depth of the seat. This prevents a gap between the seat and backrest, making it all the more comfortable for you.

The Mirra® Chair also look great in your office or home. The Mirra® chair's Tri-Flex back is available with or without Latitude upholstery. This mesh chair has Synchronous Tilt, Adjustable Arms, Tilt Tension with 9 different pre-set positions, Pneumatic Height, Tilt-Limiter, Earth-Friendly Construction and so much more. There are several great colors to choose from such as red, yellow and blue. Also you can mix and match the colors of Mirra® for the look that fits their environment and image.

The innovative, clean look and light-scaled design also comes in several colorful choices that make a great addition to any office decor. In addition, the back can be upholstered in foam-free Latitude fabric without adding bulk to the trim profile; Latitude is breathable and maintains the total support of the TriFlex back.

As if those are not enough great reasons to love the Mirra® ergonomic chair, it is also Earth-friendly. Made from recyclable fabric and with a minimal number of parts that are easily disassembled, the Mirra® is 96% recyclable. The Latitude back upholstery is 100% recyclable.

Where To Buy Online

This site offers a great deal on the Herman Miller Mirra® ergonomic office chair, which includes a 30 day return policy and free shipping.

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