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Leap Chair at Workstation

Leap Office Chair At Desk

When Steelcase developed the Leap® Chair it decided it didn't want to just bring out another ergonomic office office seating product.

Instead Steelcase decided it needed to produce something unique which truly was user friendly and at the same time enhanced user comfort and productivity.

As a result, over 4 years were spent developing the Leap Chair, involving some 11 studies, with over 700 testers as well as key input from 4 universities and 27 scientists.
The product carries some 23 patents which is a testament to the amount of research and innovation that has gone into the creation and design and ergonomics of the Leap Chair.

Not only that, Steelcase followed this up with a year long study involving 200 participants to prove how good it really was.

Independent testers concluded that the group that used a Leap® Chair and received ergonomic training on how to it correctly, showed an overall productivity increase of 17.8%.

As the tests were carried out in a state tax collection agency they were able to measure productivity improvements precisely by the increased revenues the testers generated.

They calculate that based on the improved work rate produced by the trained Leap users purchase cost recovery can be achieved in just 10 working days. Even allowing for a degree of optimism here, these are clearly highly impressive results.

Steelcase continues to develop its Leap® range. It recently added the Leap® Plus specifically intended for users weighing up to 500lbs. The standard range is rated up to 300lbs which whilst generous excluded some more heavy built people.

So, let's take a look at the Leap® to see just what makes it such an effective ergonomic seating solution.

Leap® Chair Features & Functions

The chair's Live Back™ is a clever mechanism that allows you to adjust the upper and lower backrest function separately. Research shows that when you recline, your upper and lower back want to move in opposite directions and with differing amounts of pressure.

Live Back™ allows for this and ensures that your back remains fully supported as you change position. It is designed to be used by practically any size of person and can be adjusted to your exact individual needs.

The Natural Seat Glide™ is a very clever function that enables you to vary your seating position and recline in your chair without moving away from your desk top or losing your visual contact with what you are working on.

Put simply, the seat slides as you recline and moves without it raising, so no added pressure is felt on the backs of your legs. The main benefit is that the user feels inclined to move more which is beneficial for your body and posture.

Adjustable arms are able to be movable in 4 directions - height, width, pivot and depth which means that you can set the arm adjustments to exactly where you need them to properly support your arms and align your neck and shoulders correctly.

Thermal comfort is built in to the back and seat shells which both incorporate slats, that combined with the use of special foam padding allow good breathability.

Turning to the seat pad, it includes a sliding seat mechanism to allow the user to set up the correct depth for their leg and torso length.

Additionally, it has a flexible seat edge which compensates for your movements by releasing pressure on the backs of your legs, but not like a forward tilt feature that often has you sliding out of your seat.

Moving on from the actual design features let's look at the technical details.

Adjustments & Finishes

The seat height can be adjusted between 15 - 20 inches, which is an excellent range of adjustment especially for those users under 5 foot 3 inches.

Seat depth adjustment is a generous 15.5 - 18.5 inches which will cater for both short and long-legged users.

The seat itself is 19.5 inches by 19 inches offering a good sized pad.

Arms adjust between 7 - 11 inches in height, 13 - 19 inches in width and 30 pivot angle.

There is no doubt that the range of adjustments on the Leap® Chair is very wide and should cater for virtually any user both large and small and this is the reason why the chair only comes in one size, simplifying multiple purchases.

The chairs are offered in a wide range of fabrics, leather and vinyl upholstery which are covered by 5 years warranty.

The frame and structural components carry a lifetime warranty (for the original purchaser) and 10 years on mechanisms and gas lifts.

Components come finished in Black, Midnight (dark gray), Platinum (light gray) or polished aluminium.

All in all, the Leap® Chair is a top quality product, carefully designed and will give many years of comfortable service.

Where To Buy Online

You can buy the Leap® Chair from this online specialist store with a low price guarantee as well as free shipping and a 30 day return policy too.

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