HÅG H09 Review

H09 Inspiration Chair

H09 Inspiration Chair

HÅG's H09 series is its top executive chair range and replaces the old Signet model, made famous as the chair used on the bridge of the original Star Trek Enterprise.

There are 3 models comprising Classic, Inspiration and Excellence all marketed in Europe, however the Classic and some variations of the other two models aren't available in North America due to low demand for them.

The H09 Inspiration is a beautifully styled mesh back chair looking every inch the executive office chair.

Its back mesh is offered in two finishes, Lumina a pale cream color or Space a black finish, each gives excellent air circulation when sitting. Both finishes look truly elegant and are supremely comfortable in use.

This is further enhanced by a really well designed lumbar support which adjusts vertically by means of the center spine support at the rear of the chair, allowing users to easily find the perfect position for comfortable back support.

H09 Excellence Chair

H09 Excellence Chair

The H09 Excellence is the all leather version of the chair and has special air channels within the padded back giving a cooling effect in use. The standard and most popular finish is black leather hide which gives the chair a particularly stylish look.

Like the mesh version it includes the same lumbar support and is equally comfortable.

This covers the main difference between the two models, let's take a look at the chair features which are common to both.

Technical Details and Features

Each model is offered without arms, however most will opt to include them as they are very flexible in use. First, there is a neat feature allowing you to tilt the arms downwards when you need to get in close to the desk. This is controlled by a button underneath the front end of the arm. Arm height is adjustable by simply pressing the button at the joint between arm and stem. Finally it's also easy to adjust the arm width by moving a slide control where the arms join the rear of the chair.

All models includes a seat depth slider making it easy for the individual user to set up the seat correctly for their legs and this is controlled by a lever on the left underside of the chair.

The Balanced Movement Mechanism is designed to move and support the user as you move forwards and backwards in the chair. This is achieved by adjusting the knurled tension knob under the middle of the seat enabling users to set the chair's pressure to match their weight. When correctly adjusted you will find the chair follows your moves naturally giving proper support at all times.

Dimensions and Adjustments

  • Seat width: 19 inches
  • Seat depth: adjusts between 15.55 inches and 20.27 inches
  • Seat height: adjusts between 15.55 inches and 20.86 inches

These seat adjustments make the H09 suitable for both short and tall users.

The chair can be classed as having a high back and is a generous 31 inches high. Individual user back comfort is taken care of by the inbuilt height adjustable lumbar support easily operated whilst sitting, by sliding it up or down on the chair's rear spine support.

Arms have lightly padded leather tops and are recommended for flexibility. They are width adjustable (1.5 inches each side) and height adjustable (9.5 inch range) as well as being able to be tilted down and out of the way when working close in at your desk.

Finishes and Warranty

H09 Inspiration comes with the choice of two back mesh finishes. Either Lumina, a light transparent fabric with a shiny surface and vertical stripe effect in chenille, or Space a black transparent polyamide fabric also with a vertical stripe effect.

The seat pad is upholstered in Shimmer a top-quality worsted wool mixed with polyester and wool to give an irregular, sparkly finish and comes in light or dark finish complementing the mesh finishes.

Alternatively, the seat pad can be upholstered in black leather or in a choice of different color leather hides at additional cost.

H09 Excellence comes in black leather hide as standard with additional color hides also available.

Both chairs have beautifully styled 5 star bases with footrests. They are finished in matte black as standard with an option for polished aluminum.

All models carry a 10 year defects and manufacturing faults warranty, including upholstery as well as a lifetime guarantee on gas lifts. The warranty doesn't include fair wear and tear, however the build quality of these chairs is excellent so this is unlikely to be a problem.

Overall Assessment

HÅG's H09 series represent top quality executive office chairs whose distinctive style sets them apart from many of their competitors. Its modern rectangular design gives it presence as well as a light airy appearance, which combined with its wide ranging adjustments and back support make it a practical and comfortable seating solution.

It could be argued that its seat mechanism isn't as modern or self adjusting as a number of its contemporaries, nonetheless it is a proven design which works well and once set up future adjustment shouldn't be necessary.

Where To Buy Online

This HÅG specialist offers great pricing on both the Inspiration and Excellence models and includes free shipping and 30 day return period too.