BodyBilt K Series Chair Review

The K Series ergonomic office chair is part of the executive series by BodyBilt. The company primarily makes customized chairs based on individual customer orders. However, it is now offering some of its chairs for sale at limited retail stores.

One of the great things with this ergonomic office chair is the wide range of quality upholstery options, which include four different finishes with two fabrics and two leathers, one being synthetic:

  • Staccato is a durable commercial quality fabric. It can easily be cleaned using soap and water or foam cleaner. The color choices in this fabric include Sandy, Calcine Grey, Navy, Burgundy, Black, and Douglas Fir.
  • Comfortek is open weave fabric intended for heavy wear. It cleans up easily with both foam cleaners and soap and water. The color choices in this fabric are Carbon, Midnight, Wine, Thicket, Quarry, Landscape, Earth, Steel, Blue Chip, and Salt and Pepper.
  • European Leather is resistant to wear and tear and a minimal maintenance soft hide that will age with character. It should be cleaned using high quality leather cleaner. It comes in Brown, Tar, Forest Green, Grey, Burgundy, Navy, and Black.
  • Ultraleather is a Brisa® synthetic leather designed for superior wear and tear and looks just like the real thing. It cleans up easily with soap and water. It comes in Cabernet, Egyptian, Truffle, Salsa, Black Onyx, Olive, Basil, Cambridge Blue, Indigo, and Canyon.
BodyBilt K Chair

Bodybilt K Chair

The K Series office chair features a larger back rest so that you will have more lumbar support when in a reclined position. The length of the back rest is 22'' and the width is 21.5'', ensuring that your spine is healthily supported and will not sag when you are reclining.

There are three seat pan contour options: minimum, medium, and deep. The minimum seat pan option is designed for the average sized individual. The medium seat pan option with its deeper contouring is designed to reduce seat pressure for almost every body type.

The deep seat pan is designed to provide the highest level of weight support, forward tilt, and weight displacement. These choices allow you to find the ideal seat for your needs.

The seat pad is made of memory foam, which means that the seat foam adapts to any change in position or movement. In other words, the seat moves with the user. The memory foam cushion also allows the user's weight to be evenly distributed, reducing pressure on your seat and spine. At the end of the day, the user's back will not feel the adverse effects of a day spent in a sitting position.

The K Series office chair also has a knee-tilt mechanism which allows for a gentle rocking motion when the user is in the free floating position. The seat pivots from the front of the adjustment mechanism, allowing the user to tilt forward or recline backward comfortably and smoothly. This will allow you to adjust in any position throughout the course of the day.

Every chair constructed by BodyBilt is hand-made in their Texas plant using high quality materials. The BodyBilt K Series chair comes with a 10 year limited warranty. If the chair should break or be damaged through normal wear and tear, BodyBilt will guarantee the repair or replacement of the K Series office chair.

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If this chair sounds like what you're looking for, be sure to visit BodyBilt K Series Chair for a great deal and free ground shipping in the US.