Executive Office Chair Selection - Ten Popular Myths

Here's a quick checklist of the 10 most common myths about executive office chairs, the list isn't in order of importance, they all count.

Myth 1 - Leather Chairs Are Best

Reality - a leather office chair isn't always the best choice. Leather can be very slippery to sit on and have you sliding in your seat, it can also put a shine on your clothing very quickly.

If your heart is set on leather upholstery for your office chair make sure you choose a quality hide. Avoid those cheap leather chairs they're generally very low quality.

Myth 2 - An Executive Chair Needs A High Back

Reality - a high back on your office seat is not necessary. The important part about a chair back is that it supports your lower back and lumbar region, first and foremost as this will put your back into a better postural position and help to minimize any tendency to sit slouched in your chair.

Myth 3 - Lumbar Support Moldings Are Important

Reality - whilst a little shaping in your chair's back is a good thing, office seats with excessive foam sculpting will rarely be comfortable, unless the shape fits your body's profile. So, avoid the discomfort of overly shaped chair backs.

Myth 4 - A Big Chair Is Great

Reality - why do people always want a big chair? It's a status thing, they think they will look important in a big chair. The most important thing is to have a chair that fits you properly.

Ask yourself, would you buy a pair of shoes three sizes too big? No, of course you wouldn't and buying a chair is no different, so choose one that fits your shape properly.

Myth 5 - It Says It's Executive, So It Must Be Good

Reality - just because a chair is described as an Executive model doesn't mean it meets any recognized standard of quality or fitness for purpose. Executive is perceived as many different things and this hasn't been lost on the marketing departments of office chair manufacturers who use the term freely.

So, by and of itself the term 'Executive' when applied to a chair means very little.

Myth 6 - One Piece Shell Chairs Are A Good Choice

Reality - A one piece shell chair is a chair that is constructed with the seat and back built into a single integral component. Although these chairs tilt backwards and forwards, the angle between chair and back remains fixed. This lack of adjustability between back and seat is not good, it removes the ability to set up the chair to your requirements.

There are a lot of very expensive one piece shell executive and managerial chairs on the market, often in leather and frequently they are very large chairs. Avoid these status symbol chairs they may be ego positive, but they are posture negative.

Myth 7 - Inflatable Lumbar Supports Must Be Important

Reality - inflatable lumbar supports are often just expensive gimmicks that simply aren't necessary on an office chair. Provided you select a chair with good back adjustments you can set it up for you own back support needs.

Myth 8 - A High Priced Chair Must Be Good

Reality - you should never assume that because a chair has a high price tag it will be what you want, it's far more important to pick the chair the best features for your needs. Never assume that just because it's expensive it will be ideal for you

Generally speaking, you do get what you pay for, but it isn't universally so and you could find that you are paying for features that you neither want nor need.

Myth 9 - Adjustable Backs Don't Matter

Reality - to get comfortable in your chair you definitely need a chair where you can adjust the back's height and its angle in relation to the seat. This will enable you to set up the chair to correctly support your back.

Myth 10 - Adjustable Arms Aren't Necessary

Reality - unless you're very lucky fixed arms won't allow you to set your chair's arm height correctly.

This is why you need adjustable arms to make sure your lower arms are properly supported at the correct angle when you are working.

It's true that once you set the arms up to your own needs you'll likely never change then again, nonetheless it's that ability to set them correctly that's important.

Hopefully these ten points will help you to make the correct choice in selecting the best executive office chair.

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