Leather Office Chairs Advantages And Disadvantages

It seems that everybody believes that a Leather Ergonomic Office Seat is the ultimate choice of executive ergonomic chair, leather being a sumptuous material, gives off an aura of prestige and success.

Certainly, if you look at any office scene in a movie or TV show or even a high powered executive being interviewed sitting at their office chair a high proportion of these chairs are undoubtedly upholstered in leather, although the rise of the Aeron chair has probably reduced this in recent years.

So, let's begin positively and consider the must have features for successful selection of an ergonomic Leather Office Chair.

What Are The Key Advantages Of A Leather Upholstered Office Chair?

Good quality leather doesn't come cheap, so if you are considering a Leather Office Chair it probably isn't a good idea to be fixated about getting the cheapest leather chair you can find. You need to make sure that it is ergonomically sound and meets with the key points I outline in my article What Is An Ergonomic Chair if it has the key features it is unlikely to be finished in a low quality leather, so this can act as a good quality check.

High quality Leather Office Chairs will usually be upholstered in a single piece of hide to maintain top appearance and finish. Occasionally, a chair manufacturer will use a good quality vinyl to upholster the chair back and if this is skillfully done in high grade imitation leather vinyl then that's perfectly OK. It's one way that the cost of leather chairs can be kept down without compromising the chair's overall quality.

Reputable suppliers will be more than happy to tell you about the origin, quality and grade of leather hide used in the manufacture of their office seating products, it also tells them that you are knowledgeable enough to know the difference between high and low quality leathers.

An ergonomic Leather Office Chair finished in a high quality hide will give you many years of good service. Generally speaking leather upholstery is easy to maintain and simply needs a regular wipe over with a clean damp cloth and possible an application of a specialist hide cleaner every six months or so. The chair manufacturer will advise on this.

Carefully maintained, a good quality hide upholstered ergonomic chair will develop its own patina to give your Leather Office Chair a distinctive appearance as it matures and ages.

Having looked at some of the advantages of buying an ergonomic Leather Office Chair, let's look at some of the downsides of Leather Office Chairs.

What Are The Principal Disadvantages Of A Leather Upholstered Office Chair?

First and foremost you must avoid the temptation to buy a Leather Office Chair because it is incredibly cheap and therefore fantastic value for money. Really cheap chairs with leather upholstery will always be a compromise, frequently they are made from off cuts and scraps of very low quality leather that have been pieced together to cover the chair. Typically this leather can be thin and brittle in texture and in reality little more than junk.

So, first rule for selecting an ergonomic Leather Office Chair don't buy that incredibly cheap bargain it really will turn out to be too good to be true.

Next, you need to bear in mind that leather having a smooth surface finish can actually have you sliding about in your chair and it can cause you to inadvertently move about in your chair as a consequence. If you are considering a chair with forward tilt because you do a lot of keyboard work, I really would caution against a leather chair as you will almost certainly find it very difficult to avoid sliding too far forward in your chair. You will be far better served by a fabric upholstered ergonomic office chair, or even an Aeron chair.

Leather also has a tendency to put a shine on your clothing, so if you wear expensive outfits or business suits at work you may need to increase your clothing budget as you may well find your clothes wearing out more quickly than before.

Lastly, if you work in an office that doesn't have air conditioning you may well find that during the summer months a Leather Office Chair can cause you to perspire or sweat excessively, although some top quality leathers do have a breathable protective finish.

So, hopefully this report on the advantages and disadvantages of ergonomic Leather Office Chairs has given you a useful insight into the pros and cons of this type of office chair.

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