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Think Task Chair

Steelcase Think Task Chair

The average office chair user isn't as aware of Steelcase chairs as they might be which is a shame. As the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world its perhaps not surprising it's perhaps better known for furniture products rather than its office seating.

It has been involved in the design and manufacture of high quality office chairs for many years. Many would regard the Aeron® as the original ergonomic office seat, Steelcase introduced the Sensor® chair in 1986, which was capable of sensing and supporting the user's body movements some 7 years before the Aeron® first appeared.

Over the past 10 years it has invested heavily in new seating products and this really began with the introduction of the Leap® Chair in 1999, one of its most successful chairs. This was followed by the Think® chair in 2004 and more recently the Amia™ and these are only the developments in operator, computer and task seating, quite apart from the other seating ranges it has launched.

The Steelcase approach to chair design is refreshingly different to a lot of seating manufacturers. It starts by observing how people work rather than relying on asking people how they work, which ensures more accurate and meaningful data is compiled.

Collaboration with ergonomics, design and environmental specialists enables it to produce products that are innovative, functional, practical and environmentally friendly too.

Long term tests are run to ensure the product performs, take the Leap® Chair where it was found to give a measurable increase of 17.8% in productivity.

Steelcase has always invested heavily in research and design allowing it to continually be working on new ground breaking ideas with yet another new chair, the Cobi added to the range last year.

This ongoing desire to introduce fresh new seating products has ensured that Steelcase remains at the forefront of quality office chair manufacture, allowing it to offer probably the most comprehensive range of seating from a single source.

As well as office task and computer chairs, it also has a huge range of other types of seating for pretty much any kind of office related application.

To discover more about Steelcase office chairs begin by looking at this review of the Think® chair.

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