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The Thought Behind The Think®

Think chair

Steelcase Think Task Chair

A lot of office chair users find adjusting their chair difficult and confusing and it was with this in mind that Steelcase developed the Think® chair.

Working with Tech University of Denmark, Michigan State University and University of Vermont Back Research Center, detailed research was carried out on how people sit throughout the day.

The Think® is well named because its designers and developers set out to create a chair which anticipates what your body needs and delivers it, so its aim is to be a sort of thinking chair.

Chair designer Glen Oliver Lw wanted to create a chair that had design simplicity with elegant clean lines and longevity. Not only that, engineering input ensured that the chair delivers on its technological functions and finally environmentalists assisted to produce an eco friendly product that has an incredible 99% recyclability.

So, from this multi disciplined approach the Think® chair was developed into a top quality finished seating product.

Key Features

Let's begin by taking a quick look at some of the key features of the Think®.

Aptly named the Your Profile™ back design is made to fit the profile of your back, built up with a series of lateral flexors that follow the shape of your back and provide optimum support, as you move in your chair. The same flexor support system is incorporated in the seat and provides similar support.

Next, there's Your Power™ function which is a mechanism at the base of the back of the chair that provides proper support as you recline and also adjusts itself to your own body weight.

Another great thing about this feature is that even when you recline you don't lose contact visually or physically with your work area. So, no more tipping up in the air as you lean back.

Your Preference™ is a simple adjustment lever that allows the user to set up the chair very easily for how they prefer to work. It's all taken care of by a multi position lever on the right underside of the chair.

  • Position 1 is weight activation, here the chair responds to user body weight and moves as you move.
  • Position 2 is weight activation plus a 20% increase in weight resistance, this is great for people who prefer a higher resistance when they recline.
  • Position 3 is a mid stop recline limiter.
  • Position 4 locks the back in an upright position for those who like to do certain jobs in this position.

A flexible front seat edge flexes to relieve pressure to the back of your legs and minimizes that tired leg feeling that often users experience in standard office seats.

All of these features combine to ensure that the chair gives good even support to your whole back and that pressure points don't build up in certain parts of the body causing discomfort.

There is also a stool option for those who work at above average height work surfaces, a review of this model will be added shortly.

Technical Details

Seat dimensions are 19.75 inches wide by 18.50 inches deep and include seat depth adjustment that allows 2 inches of additional movement, to set up optimal user leg comfort.

Standard height adjustment is between 16 and 21 inches, which is fine for average or above average height people. There is an optional 4 inch pneumatic lift that gives a lower adjustment range of 15 and 19 inches, which is great news for shorter built users.

There is only one height of back and this can be adjusted by approximately 4 inches between an overall height of 37.125 and 41.75 inches.

An optional lumbar support is offered if required and gives 4 inches of adjustment which is more than enough to suit pretty much any user.

Arms where fitted are fully adjustable as standard, a fixed arm can be substituted but isn't a good idea as it lacks flexibility.

Adjustable arms can be set up with a variation of 4.5 inches in width, enabling the user to position them for their own body width.

Arm height can be adjusted by 4 inches overall and can additionally be retracted by up to 3 inches backwards which allows you to get in to your workstation if you desire.

Finally, the arms pivot by 30 inwards or outwards.

Disappointingly, the arms aren't offered with a padding option although this is a relatively minor drawback.

The chair comes with a 5 star black plastic base as standard, with an optional platinum plastic or a polished aluminum base offered at additional cost. All are fitted with large 2.50 inch diameter twin wheel castors for ease of chair movement. Casters for hard floors are also available.

An optional adjustable headrest is available at additional cost.

As standard the chairs are offered with 3D knit translucent back upholstery with a choice of 6 colors, as well as other upholstered back options. There is also a huge range of fabrics, leather and vinyl seat upholstery and these are covered by 5 years warranty.

In keeping with Steelcase's other long term sit chair ranges the frame and structural components carry a lifetime warranty (only for the original purchaser) with 10 years on mechanisms and gas lifts.

Components come finished in Black, Platinum (light gray) or polished aluminium.

Once again Steelcase has produced a well thought out quality ergonomic seating solution in the Think® chair that is designed to give the user long hours of working comfort.

Where To Buy Online

This seating specialist offers a low price guarantee on the Think® along with free ground shipping in the US as well as a 30 day return policy.

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