Review Of Shark Task Chair From Neutral Posture

Shark chair

Shark Ergonomic Chair

Unlike many chair manufacturers who make seats to fit the average person, Neutral Posture has designed a seat that fits 95% of the population catering for those ranging in height between 5 foot and 6 foot 2 inches.

And by using special gas cylinders, heights outside both these ranges can be catered for too.

The simple solution to all this is achieved by offering 2 seat and back sizes, you just need to confirm which you want at time of ordering.

So let's take a look the key features of the chair


Shark Task Chair Principal Points - At A Glance

  • Great posture support from height and tilt adjustable seat with lightly contoured padding
  • Added comfort options with 2 sizes of seat, medium and large, having waterfall front edge
  • Sliding seat option for perfect leg length adjustment
  • 2 sizes of back, low and medium each being height adjustable
  • 5 star base in black plastic or brushed or polished aluminum

Shark Chair Features and Adjustments

The Shark Task Chair is offered with 2 seat sizes, a medium version that is 18 inches deep by 20 inches wide and a large version which is 19 inches deep by 22 inches wide. Both adjust in height between 17 and 22 inches, using the synchro mechanism.

The seat pad has lightly contoured foam padding to reduce pressure on the buttock and thigh area, it also has a pronounced waterfall front edge for added comfort and to minimize any restriction on blood flow to the lower legs.

It includes an optional seat slider, which allows the seat depth to be adjusted by 2 inches, this is something that is highly recommended to ensure that the seat can be optimally adjusted to the user's leg length.

There are 2 heights of back, a low version which is 18.5 inches wide by 16 inches high and a medium version which is 1 inch wider and 4 inches higher.

They both incorporate dual curved lumbar support foams, designed to mold comfortably to the lower back, additionally vertical adjustment is by means of a ratchet mechanism that gives an overall adjustment of 3 ins.

The seat is available with 2 types of mechanism. First, there is a standard synchro mechanism where the back moves in 2:1 ratio with the seat and this is controlled by 2 levers on the right underside of the chair.

Alternatively, there is a multi-tilt mechanism which has the added advantages of allowing the user to adjust the seat and back separately, as well as a forward tilt function for users who like to get up close to their work when typing.

Both are tension adjustable to suit your body weight, the multi-tilt is much the better choice because of the added adjustments it can handle. People below average height need to bear in mind that this adds 1.5 inches to the seat height adjustment range, this is easily resolved by specifying a 3 inch gaslift in place of the standard 5 inch one.

The Shark is fitted with adjustable arms, which can be adjusted between 6 and 10 inches in height and are also width adjustable by means of a knurled knob on the underside of the chair. This allows an overall 5 ins adjustment to the arm's width and if you want to you can even remove them altogether.

Here's a neat feature users will really appreciate, there is a concealed pull out slide in the right hand arm, which holds a pictorial summary of the chair's key adjustment points.

The chair carries a lifetime warranty for normal use (40 hour week), but with plastic components having a 10 year warranty and fabric 3 years.

For 24/7 multi shift use, separate cover is available at additional cost.

Overall Assessment Of The Shark Task Chair

The Shark Task Chair is a real quality chair, offered by a company that understands office chair ergonomics and backs this up with a well engineered and designed product.

The warranty is comprehensive and further emphasizes the company belief in its products.

Unlike so many seats that only seem to cater for medium to larger users, here is a seating product that caters for the vast majority of users.

We have no hesitation in giving the chair our full recommendation it genuinely is an ergonomic office chair.

Where To Buy Online

For a great deal on the Shark give Steven a call at Ergo Depot on 888-508-3725, or send him an email at