Review Of The OFM Model 122 Sliding Seat Ergonomic Task Chair

OFM Model 122 Chair

OFM 122 Chair

Although the OFM Model 122 Sliding Seat Ergonomic Task Chair doesn't meet all the guidelines we laid down for a fully compliant ergonomic office chair as it doesn't have adjustable tilt tension, it passes in all other respects.

To recap tilt tension allows you to set the chair's tilting capabilities to suit your weight. However, unless you are very light framed this may not be an issue and so the OFM 122 Ergonomic Task Chair is worthy of consideration. With that said, let's take a look at the Model 122 Sliding Seat Chair in greater detail as we run through the seat's key features.

OFM Model 122 Task Chair Key Features

Sliding Seat Adjustment

The seat pad of the OFM 122 Ergonomic Task Chair has a slide adjustment mechanism to allow you to set the seat's depth to your own leg length. You simply lift the lever under the left of the chair to adjust the depth. If you are quite tall or conversely a little under average height you will find this feature very useful for maximizing your seating comfort.

Seat Height Adjustment

The control of seat height adjustment is by a standard pneumatic gas lift mechanism and this is operated by a conventional gas lift lever control on the chair's right underside.

Back Height Adjustment

To adjust the back height there is a knob on the rear right of the chair. You simply slacken of the control and raise or lower the back to suit your own comfort level.

Lumbar Back Seat Support

The back incorporates lightly molded foam that helps gives good lumbar support. To gain the full benefit set it to support your lower back when you adjust the seat's back height.

Adjustable Seat Pitch

This enables you to set up the pitch angle between the chair's back and seat pan. You adjust this by raising a lever on the right of the chair and lean back and forth to get the ideal seating angle for your own comfort.

Height adjustable arms

The arms on the OFM Model 122 Sliding Seat Ergonomic Task Chair are height adjustable and give a choice of 7 different height positions. To adjust them you simply lift the low profile button on the outside of the chair arm support and more the arms up and down to suit your needs. Then just release the button again to lock them in the desired position for you.

So much then for the Model 122 Sliding Seat Chair's built in features let's take a look at the dimensions and other technical stuff.

Dimensions & Technical Information

The seat pad is a generous 20'' wide by 20'' deep and includes high quality foams with a waterfall front edge to cut down leg fatigue and increase your seating comfort. The seat depth allow about 3'' of front to back adjustment.

Back height is 19'' wide by 21'' high and when incorporated with the seat height adjustment gives an overall chair height variance of 38''-42''.

The seat height is gas lift height adjustable between 18''-22'' and should cater for your needs without any problems. There is also a drafting version available with foot ring if you need to work at higher surfaces.

The chair is built on a quality black nylon 5 star base with normal castors as standard. If required, you can substitute these for either soft castors or glides.

Upholstery comes in a hardwearing fabric in 5 color variants, red, blue, teal, grey and black.

The OFM 122 Ergonomic Task Chair is designed for users up to 250 lbs in weight and the chair ships in KD format with detailed instructions on how to assemble it. Assembly is quite straightforward.


The chair comes with 2 years warranty from OFM on the gas lift, fabric and upholstery. There is a lifetime warranty on arms, 5 star base, mechanism and castors.

So, that concludes our review of the OFM Model 122 Sliding Seat Ergonomic Task Chair. To summarize the OFM 122 is a good quality chair that satisfies all but one of our key points for an ergonomic office seat and should satisfy the vast majority of office chair users' needs.

Where To Buy Online

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