Review of Office Master Paramount Model 7878 Ergonomic Office Chair

Paramount Model 7878 Ergonomic Chair

Paramount 7878 Chair

Office Master produces a huge variety of office chairs with an equally large variety of options. This can make things very confusing when you are trying to work out which is the best model to choose.

Nonetheless, Office Master produces quality products covering the major spectrum of the office seating market and so to simplify selection, we have reviewed their Paramount 7878 Ergonomic Office Seat for two reasons.

First, the Paramount seating range was cited by Business Week as being a popular choice with ergonomists and occupational therapists as well as offering great value for money when compared to other ergonomic office chairs costing two to three times more.

Second, the Paramount Chair range meets our criteria set for the standards we set for an ergonomic office chair:

Essential Features

  • Pneumatic height adjustment to suit your size, with up rated gas lift if required
  • Back height adjustment to ensure your lower back is properly supported
  • Seat depth adjustment to meet your leg length
  • Arm Height Adjustment to minimize RSI and for ease of movement
  • Adjustable tilt tension to enable the correct pressure for the individual user

Office Master's Paramount range actually includes some fourteen different models of ergonomic swivel chairs and these are offered with a variety of back and seat pad styles and shapes as well as alternative chair function options. However, they don't all have our essential features which is why we are reviewing the 7878 as it does satisfy our requirements.

Key Features Of The Paramount Model 7878.

The Paramount Model 7878 Ergonomic Office Chair is a generously proportioned chair with a well padded seat and back rest that is designed to suit the needs of a wide range of office chair users.

Working up the chair's features, it is fitted with a good quality 5 star swivel base which, as standard comes with regular castors. However, as you might expect Office Master offer a further five castor options!

These include - glides, safety braking castors, reverse breaking, soft and rubber castors. Really the only option you'll probably need to think about is soft castors in case you work on a wood, tiled or smooth floor.

The pneumatic gas lift is cloaked with an industry standard black gas lift shroud and is operated by a paddle lever on the seat pan underside.

Tilt tension is adjustable to suit the user's weight by means of a knob mounted on the chair's underside, turning it clockwise increases the tension, whilst anti-clockwise reduces the tension for lighter or small framed users.

The seat pan can be tilted and locked off in a fixed position if required, normally you wouldn't do this unless you were doing a particular task that required it.

Seat depth is adjusted by means of a spring loaded seat slide mechanism, allowing the chair user to adjust the depth to their leg length needs.

Moving on to the chair back, this is actually detachable not that you are likely to ever want to remove it, it probably just makes the chair easier to assemble. The back itself is medium height and will be fine for most chair users.

As well as being height adjustable, the chair back also incorporates an adjustable lumbar feature.

When setting up the chair initially you should begin by setting the back height to suit your needs and this is carried out by means of a knurled control knob on the right hand side where the seat backrest stem is joined to the chair base. Just loosen it, raise or lower the back rest to suit and re-tighten it to lock the back in position.

The adjustable lumbar support can then be adjusted to suit your own natural spinal curvature. This is carried out by means of a control knob fitted in the lower right hand side of the chair back.

As standard the chair comes without arms, so if you prefer your office chair to have no arms then that's OK.

However, we recommend that the majority of users should have chair arms and just to make things really confusing again Office Master offer thirteen different arm options on a Paramount Model 7878 Ergonomic Office Chair! Just as well they only come in black.

Let's simplify the choice for you, the KR-21 contoured height adjustable arm gives 2.25 ins of adjustment and should be more than adequate for most users needs. The only additional luxury you might want to consider is adding gel arm pads, in which case go for the KR-25G.

Other arm options just give more height and or width adjustment, but this really shouldn't be necessary for the average ergonomic office chair user.


The Paramount ergonomic seating range is covered by a 12 year warranty on chair frames, gas cylinders, metal wood and plastic parts, against structural failure. However, things like upholstery, casters and control handles don't carry this level of cover.

The chair is designed for users weighing up to 250lbs with 40 hours a week usage, which seems fair.

Where To Buy Online

You will find very competitive prices on the Paramount 7878 Chair here.