Review of the Izzy+ Bailey Task Chair

front view of Bailey chair

Izzy+ Bailey Task Chair

Izzy+ has marketed its Bailey chair for many years and it represents a conventional desk chair built to a high standard from quality components. It has conventional foam filled seat and back pads finished in a variety of fabrics. It provides a good level of comfort even for 8 hours or more use a day.

However, as with a number of seating ranges it’s important to make sure you specify the right options. For this reason it’s best to avoid the entry level simple task model because it has limited functions only permitting seat and back height adjustment and back rake angle.

To gain the most benefit from a Bailey it’s best to go for the multi-function version with the seat slider option as it gives you much more control and adjustability of the chair.

Let’s begin with the features you get with multi-function specified. First you can adjust the angle of the seat and back individually from one another. Once you have them set as you want they tilt together giving you the ideal sitting angle for your needs. Some may also find the forward tilt feature convenient when working close up keying in data, however it’s not essential it’s just one of the features this option includes.

And of course you are able to set the level of resistance needed when reclining to be in harmony with your body weight.

Bailey chair in office

Izzy+ Bailey Task Chair In Typical Office Setting

To complete the must have features on this chair, it’s vital to specify the seat slider add on. The reason this is important is it means that you can fine tune the seat depth to your leg length, which is key for healthy leg support.

So, with this configuration of the Bailey options lets look into things in more detail.

Dimensions And Adjustments

The seat is in a single size being 21 inches wide by 17 inches deep and with the seat slider fitted you get a further 2 inches of depth adjustment. This may not sound important however it’s the difference between gaining proper leg comfort or not.

The seat height adjusts between 15’’ and 21’’ which is a good range and will suit most people including short built people who often have difficulty getting seats to go low enough.

Chair back is in a single size being 20’’ high by 19’’ wide and this generous size makes it a high back. However, it can also be height adjusted via its Touchlift® internal ratchet mechanism. To operate it you just need to grasp the back while sitting and raise it to your preferred height. The back comes as standard with a black plastic exterior shell, if preferred full upholstery can be specified at extra cost.

Bailey chairs have 3 arm options, including no arms, fixed loop arms and adjustable arms. Fixed arms are never a good idea and so it’s best to go for the flexibility of the adjustable ones.

These are useful in two ways. First, they allow an impressive range of 9’’ of vertical adjustment. However they have the added function of being width adjustable too, making it possible to match your shoulder width and avoid straining at an odd angle. This is managed though a knob underneath the chair and means you can set them between 21’’ and 25’’ wide.

Finally the actual arm pads can be pivoted in or out by 30°. Overall the Bailey arms have the flexibility for a wide range of user adjustability.

Chair base is in a 5 star hard wearing black nylon which can be upgraded at additional cost to both a black painted of polished aluminum base.

Seating upholstery choice is broad with four ranges of fabrics as well as vinyl or leather upgrades if desired.


Most of the components have a 10 year guarantee, however for seat foam and casters it is 5 years. Upholstery warranty is 3 years as it is provided by third parties. Despite the varying periods of warranty the Bailey is a solidly built chair and will provide a good working life.

Overall Assessment

When the multi-function, seat slider and adjustable arm options are chosen Izzy+’s Bailey chair will handle most office workers needs for a practical and comfortable chair. It represents good value for money for most people’s requirements. It’s seat height adjustment range means that it will work well for tall, medium or short built people.

One thing to note is under the conditions of warranty the cover is for a single user working a maximum of 40 hours a week and weighing no more than 18 stones. As long as you meet these provisions the Bailey makes a great choice of ergonomic office chair.

Where To Buy Online

You will find the Bailey at highly competitive pricing from this online store together with free shipping and 30 day return policy.