Review Of The HumanTool Balanceseat

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HumanTool Balanceseat In Red


HumanTool's Balanceseat may look a little odd, rather like some giant bike saddle.

And yet despite its odd appearance it's surprisingly effective as an alternative way of sitting.

It's particularly helpful for those with lousy office chairs.

Who can use it?

Anyone who has to sit in unsupportive seating everyday is going to find that this unusual looking seat will make sitting a lot more comfortable and healthy.


HumanTool In Use

It will fit pretty much anyone as there is nothing to adjust apart from sitting in it properly.

Lots of people would love to invest in a top quality ergonomic office chair but can't afford the price tag.

A Balanceseat costs a fraction of a top end chair and makes much more sense than just buying another halfway house chair that is neither comfortable or long lasting.

And because the Balanceseat is so light it can be carried pretty much anywhere, making it an useful solution when needing to sit in unfamiliar seating.

What sets it apart?

Although it is a seat, in reality it's intended for use with an existing seat. So you keep what you have and adapt it to work better for you.

human tool

What's Included In The Box?

Essentially it is a comfortably padded seat built around a durable ball shaped under body.

Once you position it on your chair and sit on it you will immediately notice the difference in your sitting posture.

Straight away you are able to move your body both back and forth as well as side to side.

This means that all those tired trunk muscles normally locked up all day get vital movement.

As you get used to it you will start to build strength back into muscle that have likely been neglected for years.

And because it places your back in a healthy alignment it will help improve problems in the neck and shoulder area too.

It also comes with some suggested exercises to help build muscle strength and tone.

What else should you know?

Because of the way it works it needs to be used with a chair with a back. Even so, it's very stable in use.

And in case your chair has a very spongy or uneven seat pad it is supplied with a round, lightweight portable base. You simply place this on your chair first and it acts as stabilizing surface for the HumanTool seat.

To begin with it's best to get used to it gradually by sitting on it for maybe 5 or 10 minutes at a time. As you get accustomed to it you can then increase the time. From there it can either be used full time or as and when you feel like a change of posture.

It's also intended for use with any type of seat and comes with a nylon mesh carry bag. So, whenever you may have to spend time sitting in poor seating take it along with you.

Technical details

The HumanTool Balanceseat comes in a choice of 4 durable fabric colors, blue, red, gray and black.

The saddle shaped seat measures 13 inches wide at the rear, tapering down to 5 inches at the front. Back to front it is 13 inches overall and 7 inches high with the base.

It carries a two year warranty.

Overall assessment

This cleverly thought out seat will help get vital movement back into the user's trunk muscles. It can be used both as a full time seat with your existing chair or as and when you feel like a change in posture.

It should work well with pretty much any sort of seat, although a heavily padded sofa might not be ideal.

An added bonus is being able to use it as an exercise tool for performing simple routines during the working day.

Where to buy

The HumanTool Balanceseat is available direct from the main US importer and includes free shipping.