Review Of The HÅG H05 Range Of Ergonomic Office Chairs

HAG H05 Chair

HAG H05 Chair

HÅG of Norway has been making high quality office seating for well over 30 years and although it launched the H05 range as long ago as 1995, it is still an excellent office chair product which tends to be frequently overlooked and deserves serious consideration from anyone looking for a quality chair.

HÅG introduced the H05 as a replacement for its highly successful Credo product and in so doing set out to design a chair having minimal user adjustments yet still retaining maximum user flexibility.

One of the big benefits with the H05 range is that virtually any user small or large will find a model ideal for them. This is possible by offering a wide range of adjustment in two key areas - seat height and seat depth. And because of this whether you're 5 foot 2 inches or 6 foot 4 inches there will be an H05 model to fit you.

HÅG firmly believes it's vital your chair moves as you move to give you proper balanced support, as they say the best seating position is the next one. In other words it's very good for your body to be continually moving while seated, unlike so many chairs where the body becomes fixed and seized up.

So let's take a look at the creative design ideas on the H05.

Innovative Features

Ease of adjustment is activated on the H05 by two great design features, one manual and one fully automatic.

Too many chairs have a plethora of levers which results in confusion and leaves the user baffled, frequently sitting in an uncomfortable position because of the bewildering array of adjustment choices.

Not so with the H05. To begin with the chair is designed to adjust to the individual user's body weight. All that is required to set this up is to sit on the chair lean forwards and then lean right back. Completing this simple action automatically balances and adjusts the chair to the user's weight.

Next, on the right underside is the knob which cleverly controls 4 settings all at one time - seat depth, seat height and forward and backward tilt resistance. Simply by turning the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise it's simple to set the chair up to suit your leg length, back height and tilt needs at the same time.

Just in case you find the chair's movement isn't quite to your liking it's possible to fine tune it by using what HÅG call the liveliness override controls.

This comprises a pair of switch like controls on the underside of the chair's main mechanism. Each has a + and - position which control the amount of forward tilt and back recline angle and these can be simply set up to create differing forward and backward tilt pressure.

Most users will never need to adjust these settings, nonetheless this pair of controls is useful for those wanting to fine tune the H05's movement.

Model Types, Adjustments, Dimensions And Finishes

The H05 is offered in the US as a medium or high backed chair with either a fully upholstered or partially upholstered back where the outer chair back is perforated plastic.

HAG H05 Swing Back Arm

Swing Back Arms

All models have the same seat pan, however there is an option to specify a slightly wider seat which is useful for large framed or tall users.

Standard seat height adjustment is between 15.35 inches and 20.9 inches this is excellent news for smaller built users who often struggle to find a seat which can adjust to allow them to rest their feet correctly on the floor. Two alternative gas lifts give extra height options and these are ideal for tall people and those working at higher than normal work surfaces.

Seat depth is adjustable from 15 inches to 18.9 inches enabling users to correctly position the seat for their personal leg length.

Seat width is 19 inches on all models with the option of a wider version at 20.66 inches which works well for larger framed users.

Arms on the H05 come in two types, standard height adjustable arms which can be adjusted between 7.9 inches and 11 inches in height as well as the ability to be width adjustable to suit the user's needs. Then there's the innovative swing back arms having the added function of being able to be literally pushed part or fully out of the way behind the chair. This is a great feature for those who like to get close in to their work.

Both arm styles come with the option of soft pad capping, offering welcome relief for people who find hard plastic arm pads uncomfortable.

All models are supported on a 27.5 inch diameter stylish painted aluminum 5 star base, with raised molded footrests on each support strut. These come in either black or silver finish with an option of a polished aluminum finish at additional cost.

Back rests are either 20.5 inches high on the medium back model or 23.75 inches high on the high back model. If required an adjustable headrest can be added to either back option, this is a useful addition for people who like to recline a lot in their chair.

There is a wide choice of upholstery options including 4 standard fabric ranges, 7 additional fabric ranges all available with either standard fireproofing or the more stringent Cal TB 133 standard, 3 vinyl and 3 leather variants, in all 165 different possibilities.

Environmental issues are also taken very seriously from the sourcing of materials, the manufacturing process and the ultimate recycling of the chair's components once it reaches the end of its life.


All H05 models carry a 10 year 24/7 warranty covering defects but not normal wear and tear on items like fabric upholstery, there is a lifetime guarantee on gas lifts.


HÅG's H05 is an excellent quality chair which will give years of service, its wide range of adjustment options make it the perfect choice for both small and large built users. Designer Peter Opsvik's carefully thought out design principles have been translated into a great office chair which will support its user safely and comfortably during the working day.

Where To Buy Online

If you would like to find out more about the H05, this online HÅG specialist store offers all the options at highly competitive price including free shipping and 30 day return policy.