Review Of The HÅG H04 Entry Model 4201 Ergonomic Office Chair

HAG 4200 Chair

HAG 4201 Chair

The HÅG H04 series is part of a range of quality ergonomic office seats made by HÅG of Norway. In this review we are going to consider the entry level H04 chair model 4201 which matches very well with our definition of what an ergonomic chair should include.

We will consider a number of key points about the chair including the philosophy of its designer Peter Opsvik and the key features his design for the H04 includes, the functions, adjustments, dimensions and finally the setting up and warranty cover for an H04.

So, hopefully by the end of this review you will have a good idea of what a HÅG H04 chair can offer and why it might well be a very good choice of ergonomic office chair for you.

The Design Of The H04

The design of the H04 ergonomic office seat is the brainchild of Peter Opsvik who has a long standing relationship with HÅG and has over the last 30 years, designed some of HÅG's best ergonomic seating products.

The key to Peter Opsvik's philosophy on ergonomic seating is dynamic movement, leaving you free to move and change position in your chair without hindrance. Nevertheless, the HÅG H04 still fully supports all your movements.

As HÅG say the best seating position is the next one - in other words it's good to move in your chair.

So, let's take a look at the H04's functions and see what all the design features are about.

H04 Model 4201 Functions

One of the differences you will notice with any HÅG chair and the H04 is no exception, is how the user is encouraged to use their feet and legs to make movements with the chair.

Instead of a standard black plastic swivel base the H04 is fitted with a stylish 5 star aluminium footbase. Each leg of the base has a molded footplate to assist with movement as well as an alternative place to rest your feet.

The H04 includes a tilt resistance adjustment system that differs from a lot of other ergonomic office seats, insofar that when you have it correctly set up it places your body in a position of perfect balance. Consequently, as you move in your chair the H04 goes with you giving you just the right amount of body support.

Seat leg length adjustment is easily carried out by means of a sliding seat mechanism operated by a control lever on the left hand side.

Moving on, let's take a look at the physical dimensions and adjustment variations that can be made with a HÅG H04.

HÅG H04 Dimensions And Adjustability Ranges

Seat height is adjusted much as a conventional office chair and this is done by raising the seat height adjustment lever on the left hand of the seat pan. The lever has a round purple identification insert, more on this later.

Overall the seat can be adjusted between 15.6'' and 21''.

Seat slide depth gives a very generous range of adjustment between 15.75'' and 20'', this is facilitated by a lever next to the height control knob and it has a yellow rectangular identification insert.

The seat width is 17.12'' overall and the overall depth will obviously vary depending on where you have set the seat depth control to.

The seat back height is 18.22'' and can be adjusted by 2.5'' in height to suit the chair user, adjustment is easy to carry out by depressing a button mounted on the lower back of the chair's back.

Finally, let's take a look at the set up instructions and product warranties on a H04.

Set Up Instructions And Warranty

Like all HÅG office chairs the H04 ergonomic office seat comes with a very simple but detailed instruction booklet on how to set up the chair to suit your own body. It's a one off thing and once completed no further chair adjustments should be necessary.

The instruction booklet sits conveniently into a storage slot on the chair's underside, so it's always to hand if you ever do need to refer to it again.

Back to those colored inserts in the seat's adjustment levers, the idea is to make it easy to identify what the lever controls. Not only that they are shaped differently too.

So, if you reach for the seat depth lever no need to look, just feel for the rectangular insert and you know you've found it. If it's a round insert, that's the chair height adjuster. Now, isn't that nice and simple.

One other lever to mention is on the right hand side and locks off the chair's floating mechanism. This is only used when setting up the chair's tilt tension and tilt bias setting, (more forward tilt inclined or more backward recline, you choose).

The H04 is backed by a 10 year guarantee from date of manufacture which includes fabrics and leather upholstery. However, this doesn't include fair wear and tear. The gas lift carries a lifetime guarantee.

HÅG further guarantee availability of spare parts for 10 years following date of manufacture too.

So, to conclude this review, the HÅG H04 ergonomic office chair is an top quality chair, designed to give you years of good service. You will find it to be an excellent choice of office chair.

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