Review of HÅG H03 chair

H03 seat

HAG H03 Model 340 Chair Blue Fabric


HÅG's H03 chair is now available in North America for the first time through specialist dealer Ergo Depot.

The chair has been a best seller in Europe and Scandinavia for many years, it seems strange that it has previously been unavailable in the US.

Although there are three models in the range, only the middle version, the 340 is being supplied in the US.

In many ways this makes sense as it's the most popular of the group and has the widest appeal to potential users.

Who is it for?

The H03 provides a great range of adjustability and will readily fit short, average and tall built users. It's very simple to set up, so if you're the sort of person who doesn't like being faced with all kinds of different settings, you'll appreciate the way it works.

Some may find its unconventional looks slightly off-putting. And yet it's so easy to adjust people soon get used to it and warm to the way it works.

What makes it a little quirky compared to a typical office task seat?

How is it different?

Like all HÅG chairs, it's designed to give the user balanced support. Most office chairs tend to be pretty static when it comes to body movement.

HÅG believes in active sitting, so as you move the chair moves with you to give support while you work. This balanced way of working feels very natural and after using a seat like this a conventional one can feel rigid.

And the good news is you won't find the H03 dripping in levers, knobs and adjusters it's actually very straightforward to get it exactly how you want it.

To begin with the height needs to adjusted to personal requirements. This is taken care of with a paddle on the left underside of the seat.

Next is to set the seat depth, back height and tension adjustment to match your frame and build. Sitting in the chair, all that's needed is to depress the buttons on each of the sliding sleeves on the side support struts of the chair.

Sliding the sleeves up or down moves the chair back in or out, sets the the seat depth to fit you leg length and tilt tension for your body weight, all in one simultaneous movement. Release the buttons and you're done, the chair is now adjusted.

Should you find the chair is too lively, resistance can be fine tuned by an override knob at the bottom of the right side support strut. When correctly adjusted your body movements actuate the chair forwards and backwards supporting you naturally at all times.

Technical details

HÅG produces three versions of the H03, the low back 330, the mid back 340 and a fully upholstered model 350. And it's the most popular version the 340, that is available in the USA and Canada.

H03 under load

HAG H03 Under Load Test


This model comes with a plastic seat pan fitted with upholstery to the top and a partially upholstered plastic seat back. In keeping with most HÅG models the upholstery is removable, making it easy to renew in the future.

Seat width is 20'' and the depth can be adjusted for individual user leg length between 15.25'' and 19.25''.

The seat offers a wide range of tilt varying between 10 degrees forwards and 14 degrees backwards, automatically controlled for individual comfort by the chair's mechanism.

The chair back is 16.125'' high with the upholstery formed to follow the shape of your back.

The standard 150mm pneumatic lift gives seat height adjustment ranging from 15.375'' up to 20.75''. This is the best option for short and average built users.

There is a 200mm lift option that very tall users may find a better choice.

Finally there is a further alternative of a 265mm high lift and this will be good for people working at a raised work surface.

It's adjustable armrests can be positioned between 6.5'' and 11.25'' above the seat pad.


Black Aluminum base


The curved shape of the rests is offset making it possible to fit the arms with the curve to the inside for a narrower width, or to the outside for a wider width between the arm pads.

The chair is supported on a stylish black painted aluminum 5 star base, incorporating ribbed footrests.


The H03 carries a 10 year guarantee for normal use and 5 years for 24/7 use, with lifetime guarantee on the pneumatic lift.

Overall opinion

HÅG's H03 has stood the test of time for many years in Europe where it continues to be a popular seating solution.

The seat is competitively priced and offers excellent value for those looking for a more affordable genuine ergonomic office chair.

It's very easy to set up and adjust, without loads of levers and buttons to worry about.

Some may find it slightly odd looking compared to the appearance of a typical task seat, even so it remains an extremely functional chair.

Although the plastic seat and back components may raise questions on durability, the photo showing the chair under load test will quickly allay any fears.

Overall H03 is a well crafted office seat that will give many years of good service.

Where to buy

The H03 is available from leading HÅG distributor Ergo Depot at an extremely competitive price that includes free shipping to the US mainland.