Review Of The HÅG Futu Office Chair

Futu Chair

HÅG Futu Chair

Important update - 10 September 2103. The importer of HÅG chairs for the USA has decided to no longer carry the Futu as part of its range. If you are affected by this you may want to consider either HÅG's H04 or H05 models.

Whenever HÅG designs a new chair it manages to create something highly functional and logical in use and this is certainly true of its Futu chair.

Although not as well known as some manufacturers HÅG has been designing high quality office chairs for more than 40 years. And it doesn't just rush out new products. It spent 7 years developing the Futu and the end product is profoundly different to earlier products. Significantly it picked up a cherished red dot award for design excellence in 2009.

HÅG developed a brand new mechanism for this chair called the inBalance. All office chairs use some kind of mechanism to operate the chairs’ adjustments and most rely on the user to pull a lever to make something happen.

inBalance is an intelligent controller as it recognizes the user’s movements and automatically adjusts to support them. It simply keeps you in a balanced position so that all your moves are properly supported. It’s the heart of the chair, it senses what you're doing and then steers the chair to what you want to do.

Precisely how it works isn't important. Suffice to say it takes care of you, supporting you as you work. Let’s delve into what it does.

What Does inBalance Do?

Futu Chair

Futu in Green FutuKnit

Seat height is likely to always be something people will need to adjust themselves. This is handled by a neat paddle button under the left of the seat. And it’s a lot more positive in use than the usual steel rod sticking out of the side the average chair.

When it comes to seat depth the inBalance controller does this for you. The clever design enables the chair’s back to move in and out placing your legs in the ideal place for proper leg support.

As you recline in the chair you'll find that it is smoothly tensioned to give great support as you lean back. And in case you want to make some tweaks to its operation, there is a sliding adjuster under the seat to vary tension.

So these are the things the inBalance mechanism does, let’s consider the chair’s technical aspects.

Technical Details And Dimensions

The entry level Futu is provided without arms and has a black nylon 5 star base. There is an alternative aluminum base finished in silver paint, and this also has footrests at the end of each of the star base struts. They help offer alternative ways of supporting your legs and feet.

When arms are fitted not only do you get great height adjustment, you can also adjust their width too. The height adjustability covers a wide ranging 9.75’’ with a soft padded arm top option to avoid lower arm discomfort. It’s also easy to adjust the width between the arms from 21.75’’ down to 18’’. When correctly set up your arms and shoulders are properly supported decreasing the chance of repetitive strain injury (RSI) developing.

Seat width is 19’’ and the depth adjusts automatically between 15.25’’ and 21.75’’ courtesy of the inBalance mechanism.

There is one size of high back removing the need for height adjustment, overall it’s 23.65’’ high by 14.75’’ wide. Within the back is an adjustable lumbar support controlled by a small slide on each side of the back. This allows 3’’ of vertical movement, so you can set it to suit your needs.

And another unique feature of the chair is its FutuKnit fabric. It’s made in such a way that it is an exact fit for the back and seat and has no seams, tucks or folds. It’s a special 3D fabric knitted on machines designed specifically for the job. The end result is greater elasticity giving better support and comfort over conventional fabrics especially when sitting for long hours.


Futu is built to last and is covered by a 10 year warranty and this also includes the FutuKnit fabric too. Normal office chair upholstery has an average 5 years warranty, clearly FutuKnit must be a lot harder wearing than that.

Overall Assessment

Futu is HÅG’s most sophisticated office chair to date. The use of clever automatic adjustments as well as its wide range of adjustment levels make it a chair that will appeal to a broad range of different users. And its simplicity in operation takes the usual guesswork out of trying to adjust the chair.

The 7 years in development has enabled HÅG’s designers to produce a very well engineered chair that is sure to be a key product in its office task seating range. Maybe the only missing feature is a highly adjustable arm with arms pads that swivel and adjust front to back. Even so the important features like soft tops to arm pads and width adjustment mean the existing arms are already very good.

Where To Buy Online

This specialist HÅG online store has limited stocks of the Futu range offering very competitive prices with free shipping and 30 day return policy included.