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Knoll Chadwick chair

Chadwick Chair By Knoll

Knoll has teamed up with renowned chair designer Don Chadwick to create a chair that is simple for the user to operate with no complicated settings.

Chadwick is probably best known for his work with the late Bill Stumpf in the design of the Aeron. Nonetheless he has won many awards over the years for his design work.

And Knoll were happy to name the chair after its designer.

As well as being simple to use Knoll also wanted it to provide comfort and support over long working hours.

It always aims to produce functional products which are practical to use and may in time become design classics like many of its other products.

Who is the Chadwick suitable for?

The Chadwick will work well for a very wide variety of users. It's designed to support people weighing up to 300 lbs and is suitable for users whether short, average or tall built. Although it's main function is as a workstation chair it is also intended for training, meeting and conference use too.

So it makes an obvious choice for corporate use, nonetheless it will still fit in well in a home office. The chair's comfort makes it a great all rounder for office workers.

So let's look at what else makes the Chadwick stand out from the crowd.

What makes it different?

The chair is built around what Knoll call its Active Suspension system. In use it gives the user resilient support with a springy feel to it rather like the cushioning effect you get riding a mountain bike. So it's a little different to the firm sitting posture of the average office chair.

Chadwick back

Chadwick Chair From Back

It starts with a user adjustable tension control on the underside of the chair front combining with a carefully thought out recline mechanism. To start you set the tension to suit your body weight so you can recline comfortably. Then as you lean back in the chair the synchronized mechanism reclines in a ratio of 1:1.2 which allows your torso to open up healthily and promote circulation.

Another secret of its success is the specialist mesh fabric. This is woven from Lycra, polyester and elastic and then precisely stretched and heat welded to the seat and back. It is this that gives the seat its energized support as it molds to your body. This combination of mechanics and fabric minimizes pressure points and makes the chair comfortable to use throughout the day.

Its mechanism also incorporates self adjusting seat depth which automatically expands as you recline in the chair, removing the need for any separate adjustments.

Technical information

As mentioned earlier the Chadwick is suitable for a wide range of users. The chair is offered with 3 different sizes of gas lift, low, standard and high. Depending on which lift you choose the chair can be set as low as 15 inches or as high as 21.6 inches.

Short people will be best to go for the low cylinder and people over 6 feet should select the high. Average height users will be fine with the standard gas lift.

Arm options include no arms, fixed arms and adjustable arms. Adjustable arms make the best choice and come in two versions: Standard with an adjustment range of 6.9 to 9.4 inches Tall with an adjustment range of 8.3 to 10.8 inches

Also both types of adjustable arms have the option to vary the arm width between 18.5 and 20.5 inches. This is a useful feature because it allows you to set the arms to support the natural width of your shoulders. It's a simple one off adjustment carried out with an allen wrench.

The chair's back is shaped and together with the mesh fabric gives good lower back support. However there is an optional adjustable lumbar support. It's infinitely adjustable as it is made in two halves which lock together with magnets. It works by placing one half on the inside of the back and then placing the other half in line on the outside of the back. And the built in magnets hold it all in place.

In its most basic form the chair comes armless with the option to add either fixed or adjustable arms. Adjustable arms are recommended as these can be easily set for individual comfort between 7.75 and 11 from the seat pad.

The chair has a high back which is 22.8 inches tall by 18.5 inches wide. As it is a full back it's fixed, however the adjustable lumbar support gives fine tuning for lower back support if required.

The seat pad is 19.6 inches wide and self adjusting in depth between 16.9 and 19.4 inches. A forward tilt function is built into the chair's mechanism. This can be useful when typing as it helps to keep your back in supportive contact.

Finishes and warranty

There is a choice of 9 different fabric colors including - beige, brown, silver, green, black, red, blue, jade and platinum. The chair frame and base are finished in black.

Chadwick chairs are covered by a 10 year 24/7 multi shift warranty, so obviously they are built to last.

Overall Assessment

Clearly the Chadwick is a well designed and engineered chair. It scores well in Knoll's user comfort tests against other chairs.

It's very simple to set up and adjust. In fact once the tension and seat height are set there isn't really anything else to worry about. So it's very much a set it and forget it type of chair.

Perhaps the lack of alternative frame colors could be seen as a little limiting. However black generally fits any color scheme and the wide choice of fabric colors should help to personalize it to most work environments.

Where To Buy Online

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