Review Of Celle® Chair

Celle Task Chair

Celle Task Chair

Herman Miller has recently changed the way the Celle® chair is marketed in the USA

It is no longer generally available through online stores. However it can be obtained from Costco and through Herman Miller's commercial furniture dealers.

For single purchases Costco is probably the easiest option, although many dealers will be happy to accept single orders too.

Alternatively you could look at the Mirra chair which is also made by Herman Miller and is the nearest equivalent to the Celle.

It's a chair which people tend to form strong opinions about, mainly due to its firm seating position. Therefore, those who have got used to soft cushioning foams often struggle to accept it. And yet people who persevere often end up being its biggest fans.

So what causes all this controversy? It's largely down to the unique concept polypropylene cellular pads interconnected by loops known as Cellular Suspension.

The user is effectively sitting on a cleverly designed range of pads or cells interconnected by spongy loops. However the really innovative part is there are some 1578 pad cells in a Celle®, no two cells are alike and there's a good reason for this.

The cells are arranged in such a way they have differing levels of resistance to give support and flexibility to match the natural movements of the human body.

By making clever use of this principal it has been possible to build exceptional lower back support into the chair's design and automatically lend proper support without depending on any adjustable or additional components, allowing long hours of comfortable use.

Celle® office chairs come in 2 versions, the most popular is the fully featured loaded or highly adjustable model, the other is the basic model and there are significant and important differences between the 2 models.

Here's What You Get With Each Model

Loaded Highly Adjustable

Loaded models have most of the extra features and are definitely the best choice, they include.

  • Adjustable seat height to suit your needs
  • Adjustable seat depth for optimal leg comfort
  • Harmonic® tilt for smooth reclining by up to 28 degrees
  • Tilt tension adjustment for setting to your body weight
  • Tilt limiter adjustment to allow control of how you recline
  • Back lumbar support for good lower back comfort
  • Arms which adjust in 3 dimensions for precise setting

Basic Model

The Basic model is limited in the following areas

  • Fixed seat depth - can't set for individual leg length
  • Excludes tilt limiter for fine tuning how user reclines
  • No lumbar support for extra lower back support
  • Fixed arms - limiting user's arm positioning and support

Of the significant differences between the 2 models the two most important missing features on the Basic version are the ability to alter the seat depth and adjust the arm position. By leaving out these features it will make it more difficult for users to get the chair set to their precise needs and may well create problems for people whose body size doesn't closely mirror the preset positions of the basic Celle®.

Dimensions and Adjustments

These are the dimensions and adjustment ranges, but bear in mind the basic excludes some of these features.

The standard range of seat height adjustment is from 15.50 inches and 20.25 inches, which should be fine for most users, however very tall users may be better off with the high height option which raises these dimensions by an additional inch.

The seat depth adjusts between a generous 15.50 inches to 18 inches (loaded model only).

Surprisingly, the back height isn't independently height adjustable, however it's a high back and with both models including Harmonic Tilt™ this should be taken care of.

Harmonic Tilt™ allows a person to control movement in the chair far more effectively than a conventional mechanism. It takes care of balance and movement with seat and back moving in the optimal ratio giving the user comfortable support to recline to an angle of up to 28

Passive PostureFit® is incorporated into the chair back on both models and is designed to assist in giving great lower back support during the working day.

The lumbar support adjusts by up to 4 inches in height as well as 1 inch in depth, with the built in support of the cell construction this isn't an essential feature.

Arm adjustability is good and can be moved by 4 inches vertically, 1 inch horizontally and by 11 inwards or outwards.

There is also an option to add seat and or back fabric which attach with fasteners and have light grey under padding, although adding them maybe takes away some of the chair's unique design appeal.

Overall Assessment And Warranty

The Celle® is definitely a quality chair and the unique cell pad and loop construction has enabled Herman Miller to reduce manufacturing costs and offer the chair at prices significantly below models like the Aeron®.

As previously mentioned, some users find the firmness takes some getting used to and causes occasional discomfort on their spine when they first make the change.

Where you've become used to spongy deep upholstery in your office chair it's likely you will find the Celle® a bit of a challenge to begin with until you adjust to the feel of it.

Some people report finding it a big chair as it is generously proportioned consequently it may not be best for small framed users, although some of this could be as a result of incorrect adjustment.

Build quality is excellent and is backed up by manufacturer's 12 year 3 shift warranty and this includes the gas lift, so you can expect to get many years service from these chairs.

Where To Buy

As mentioned above the best source for a Celle chair in the US is Costco. If your only option is an online purchase then the closest match to the Celle is the Mirra chair, also from Herman Miller.

This site offers a great deal on the Herman Miller Mirra® ergonomic office chair, which includes a 30 day return policy and free shipping and low price guarantee.

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