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BackSaver Management Ergonomic Seat

BackSaver Chair

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It's fair to say that this chair will be best suited for people of average or above average height and frame size as it is a generously proportioned seat. Smaller framed people will be better suited to a chair like the H04

So, let's take a closer look at the BackSaver and what it has to offer you, the user.

As pointed out the BackSaver Management Chair has an extensive range of functions and these include:

Pneumatic height adjustment enabling the user to set the height of the chair between 18.1'' and 21.7'' the adjustment is provided by the standard lever common to most office chairs.

The back is quite large and measures 25.3'' high by 21.3'' wide with a ratchet adjustment mechanism giving just under 3'' of height adjustment to the user.

The seat offers a good range of tilt adjustment allowing you to forward tilt 5 degrees, which is very useful for extended keyboard use and backward tilt of 7 degrees when you fell like reclining and stretching in your chair.

The tilt function can also be tension adjusted to suit your own individual weight and it can even be locked off should you require it.

The arms are both height and width adjustable giving excellent flexibility in their overall positioning to your exact needs.

The chair has a traditional 5 star base which is a little larger than normal at 26'' diameter, this is probably due to the overall size of the chair and will be reassuring for larger framed users as it will provide additional stability in use.

One of the limiting features of the BackSaver Management Chair is the fact that it is only offered in black crepe fabric, no doubt designed to keep the chair competitively priced. Whilst this is definitely a limitation, black will go with most office color schemes and actually looks better than you might imagine.

So, in conclusion the BackSaver Management Chair is a well featured ergonomic office chair with the principle drawbacks of no seat depth adjustment and the limitation of black being the only color choice. If you feel that this won't hamper you then this is a perfectly good choice of ergonomic office seat.

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