Amia® Chair Review

Amia chair

Steelcase Amia™ Task Chair

Steelcase launched the Amia™ chair in 2007, following the success of the Leap® chair. In developing the Amia Steelcase was keen to design a high quality task chair that was simple in form and use, in contrast to so many chairs of the past 10 years that have become overly complicated.

An added motivation was to use simplicity of design to make a chair that had similar qualities to the Leap® but at a more affordable price point.

The good news is that the Amia™ works out about 36% cheaper than the Leap® which is a significant saving.

Savings have been achieved by standardizing on a single back size and finishing the outer faces of the chair in a durable plastic shell.

Innovative Features

Looking at the key features you can expect with an Amia™ ergonomic office chair. Steelcase include it in what they term their range of long term sitting solutions, meaning they regard it as a heavy duty chair designed for long hours of comfortable use.

Adjusting tilt tension on the Amia™ is very easy and is carried out by turning a control knob on the right hand side of the chair whilst sitting so fine tuning precise tension control is very easily achieved. This is a big advantage over conventional adjusters which are very often controlled by a knob to the underside of the seat that is awkward to reach and often the user has to get out of the chair to make adjustments, consequently most don't bother.

Another great feature is what Steelcase call the passive seat edge angle, simply put what this means is the front edge of the chair is designed to flex 1½" downwards so that it lessens undue pressure to the backs of the user's legs. Anyone who has spent long hours sitting in a chair will appreciate this useful benefit.

The LiveLumbar™ support is cleverly concealed within the back of the Amia™ and can be adjusted up and down by sliding two side controls. It's designed to flex and support the user's back, you simply slide it until the curve of the LiveLumbar gives good support to the curve of your lower back.

The arms are highly adjustable and can be moved up and down, in and out, front to back and pivoted by up to 30 degrees

All arms have soft padding to the tops, another great feature when you sit for extended periods and end up with aching forearms. Needless to sat the chair has height and seat depth adjustment for ease of optimal personal adjustment.

Over 97% by weight of the chair is recyclable, so environmentally it's very friendly.

Adjustments And Finishes

The seat height can be adjusted by a wide ranging 5" from 16" to 21" and for those under 5' 3", a lower 4" gas lift option is offered that knocks 1" off the minimum and maximum seat adjustment heights.

Seat depth is adjustable from 15.5" to 18.5" and seat width is 193/8", this allows for both long and short legged users to set the seat to their requirements.

Arm adjustment ranges are as follows:

  • Arm height from 7" to 11"
  • Arm width from 13" to 19.5"
  • Front to back 3"
  • Pivot angle up to 30 degrees

There is a single size of back offered on the Amia™ that is 187/8" wide by 25" high with 5" of height adjustability overall. Within the back the lumbar support can be adjusted between 6.25" to 10".

The recline angle of the back to the chair is between 98 and 122 degrees, which is a very good range of movement for those that enjoy leaning back in their chair.

Upholstery is offered in a choice of 10 different ranges of fabric each having their own color ranges as well as leather and vinyl options too.

There is a lifetime warranty on structural components with mechanisms and gas lifts having a 10 year warranty and 5 years on the seating upholstery.

Where To Buy Online

You can buy the Amia™ from this online specialist store with a low price guarantee as well as free shipping and a 30 day return policy too.

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