The HÅG Seating Philosophy

HÅG of Norway has been manufacturing high quality Ergonomic Office Chairs for many years. Older products such as the Credo range have been replaced with updated models like the H03 chair and its H04, H05 and H09 series.

red seat

HÅG H03 Task Chair

Ergonomics, design, quality and innovation go hand in hand with HÅG. The company has always made quality products and this is amply demonstrated by their excellent range of ergonomic office seating.

HÅG's philosophy is a simple one and really centers around the words ''balance and freedom of movement.'' The HÅG view is one of Dynamic Ergonomics and the belief that ''the best sitting position is the next one.'' In other words it is perfectly normal for chair users to be continually moving their body in their chair.

When you sit in a HÅG ergonomic chair which is properly adjusted to your body size and weight you will find that as you move, the chair follows your movement to keep you balanced and supported . It really is a different seating experience. Once you become attuned to it you won't want to go back to a conventional office chair.

H05 Chair

HÅG H05 Task Chair

Visually, HÅG's ergonomic seating range has a striking appearance. Clever use of shape, color and texture all combine to make their office seating completely distinctive and functional.

HÅG recognizes that not everyone likes the same things, some prefer a classical looking chair. Others prefer soft round shapes for their seating. However everybody needs to find a seating solution they are happy with and offers the user excellent ergonomic design and comfort. For this reason HÅG produces many office chair ranges to suit our differing personalities. Nonetheless they are all carefully designed with the chair user in mind and universally true ergonomic office chairs.

You will find that all HÅG seating is easy to use and functional. This is true whether it is an entry level H04 model right up to a high end H09 Excellence chair.

There are lots of little things that make a HÅG special. For example when you buy one of their ergonomic office seats it is provided with its own little instruction book on how to set up and adjust your new HÅG chair.

H09 Chair

HÅG H09 Chair Backrest Detail

It has a neat idea to make sure that the chair's instructions never get lost. Each HÅG chair includes a built-in filing slot on the underside of the seat pan to store the user booklet and keep it close at hand. So, if you ever need to adjust a feature on your chair in the future this little aide de memoir is always at hand as a useful little reference.

Another nice little feature is each of the adjustment levers on a HÅG ergonomic seat include a color coded button. This makes it easy for you to identify the function of the particular lever.

It's not difficult to see why HÅG chairs are so ergonomically functional and carefully thought out. Its chairs are designed by some of the world's leading designers.

People like Stag Ahlstrom responsible for the interior design work on Armanda International Airport. Or Soren Yran designer of the HÅG Scio as well as extensive interiors work in both Norway and the USA. Peter Opsvik designer of HÅG's brilliant H04 task chair range.

You won't find HÅG taking an existing seating product and just giving it a quick make over. Instead they employ these top designers to go back to first principles to come up with an ergonomic seat of true top quality, originality of design and function built to meet your seating requirements without compromise.

Here's where you can find reviews and ratings of the H03 chair and also the H04 and H05 series.

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