Why Choosing PostureFit® Is A Smart Move

Posturefit Support

PostureFit® Back Support

Many Aeron® chair users turn to the PostureFit® control because they find the standard lumbar support to be uncomfortable in use and this is perhaps not surprising as it is essentially a block of hard plastic. Whilst it can be removed the mesh back alone is not suitable for proper lower back support.

As a result, the best answer for comfortable back support is to include the PostureFit® support, ideally when purchasing the chair although it can be readily retro fitted on highly adjustable models as an upgrade.

What Are The Benefits of Posturefit® For You? Quite simply, it acts as a simple inconspicuous pelvic back support easing the commonly felt pressure on the lower back. Symptoms like backache, shoulder and neck pain and even headaches are reduced, allowing you to work comfortably and productively.

It acts in keeping the natural forward angle of the pelvis which in turn results in correct spinal alignment, and so has significant benefits for your body's long term health and wellbeing.

So What Is Posturefit® All About And How Does It Work?

There are 3 principle components to the device

  • A Butterfly shaped flexible pad - the part supporting your back
  • A wishbone structural outer support - operating the part cushioning your back
  • A control knob with a cable linkage which makes the whole thing work

The flexible pad forms the main support and this is what gives the user that much needed pelvic support. Its components work in conjunction with the chair's back mesh pellicle and both mold unobtrusively with the user's back.

In setting it up it is best to turn the control knob fully anticlockwise and then turn it forwards until reaching a comfortable support level as it gently keeps your pelvis correctly aligned which has the added benefit of keeping the rest of the upper back properly lined up.

The control knob allows each user to set the PostureFit to their exact needs. Unlike the lumbar support it's hardly noticeable as it molds to your back's shape, although if it wasn't there you would soon notice. Some users find it can be less comfortable when reclining a lot, so a bit of fine tuning may be necessary.

How Did It All Come Into Being?

For several years after the Aeron® was introduced Herman Miller only offered the adjustable lumbar support as an additional means of back support for the user. However its research revealed that whilst the lumbar support helped it still was still lacking as the complete answer for effective back support.

The reason for this was the realization that there was a critical area of the back which wasn't being sufficiently supported resulting in chair users tending to slouch in their chairs and adopting a poor sitting posture.

The area of the back that wasn't receiving the correct support was at the base of the lower back below the waistline in the pelvic area at the base of the spine. This area nearly always lacks support on an office chair and even with chairs which don't have separate backs and seats, support is either insufficient or completely absent.

Herman Miller consulted with Dr Brock Walker, a highly experienced and respected back care specialist and through working together as a collaborative team PostureFit® was developed and became part of the range.

Its own research indicated that existing Aeron® users they tested some 84 percent preferred PostureFit to the normal lumbar support and a slightly higher 86 percent thought it gave them improved lower back support.

Here's where you can find a comprehensive review of the Aeron® and its functions and benefits.

Having considered the various options available you need finally only look at the Aeron® chair sizes to see which is your ideal size.

Where To Buy Online

This online specialist offers guaranteed low prices on the highly adjustable Aeron with the option of including PostureFit Support and also includes free shipping as well a 30 day return policy too.

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