Why The Aeron® Highly Adjustable Chair Is The Best Choice

Aeron Chair in Office

Aeron® Loaded Chair

Herman Miller has two models the basic and the highly adjustable (aka loaded) version

This backs up something I find a lot which is that it's often the case the advantages of a high end version more than outweigh the cost savings and limitations a standard model offers and this is true of these two chairs.

So if you're the kind of person who wants full control over the comfort and support from your chair then the loaded Aeron® is going to be the one for you.
Because with up to 8 separate adjustments it gives you the capability to fine tune everything to your liking.

Summary of Adjustment Functions

  • Seat height for correct seating angle and positioning
  • Kinematic Tilt Tension set up chair balance perfectly for your weight
  • Forward Tilt Adjustment - valuable function when working up-close on your PC
  • Tilt Limiter - complete control over reclining in your chair
  • Arm height adjustment - simple up down setting giving optimal arm and shoulder support
  • Arm angle positioning - swivel inwards, outwards or straight ahead for most comfortable working
  • Lumbar support - simple slide up and down providing lower back support PostureFit® - optional extra recommended for more precise back support

This type of chair is known as active which means that it is highly user adjustable as distinct from passive models where many of the functions automatically adjust without the need for any input by users. While both have their advantages an active chair will always give the user more control in setting it precisely how you want it rather than how someone thought you might like it.

It will probably only take about 10 minutes to get it set up properly if you follow the simple guide which comes with it, once this is complete it really should be a case of set it and forget it.

Including PostureFit® on this loaded version of the Aeron® offers significant improvements in the overall fine tuning of individual back comfort and support, find out more here.

Where To Buy Online

This online specialist offers guaranteed low prices on the highly adjustable Aeron and also includes free shipping as well as an a 30 day return policy too.

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