What Makes Miller's Embody Chair Unique And What Characteristics Distinguish It From Ordinary Office Chairs?

In developing the Embody chair Herman Miller faced a number of challenges which crop up time and again in office chair design and needed to find a lasting solution to the commonest issues like:

  • A single size chair flexible enough to fit pretty much anyone
  • Reducing common problems like aching legs, backs and shoulders
  • Handling increasing seating discomfort as the day progresses
  • Sweating or being uncomfortably hot, a common problem with office chairs

To take care of these issues it was necessary to look at the design from a fresh perspective and who better qualified to do so than top designers Jeff Weber and the late Bill Stumpf?

A Chair Back Designed To Mimic Your Own Back

Embody Chair Back Detail

Embody Chair Back Detail

Typically office chair design relies on either a stiff moulded shell or frame which often proves uncomfortable when leaning back or stretching in a chair, and the unique backrest of the Embody is a good example of the designers' approach for solving this common shortcoming.

To allow real freedom of movement without compromising proper support the back has been designed around a narrow vertical central spine attached to which are a series of H - Flexors supports specifically intended to move as freely as your back whilst at the same time maintaining full support.

By adopting this design the need for a rigid shell or frame is eliminated and so the whole chair back literally moves with the user and the absence of shells and frames means there aren't chair components digging into your back when you move and recline while working.


A Seat Without Foam Padding Or Mesh

There are no foam pads or even mesh suspension on the Embody seat, in their place a completely new way of providing a comfortable seating experience has superseded these traditional components.

Embody Seat Detail

Embody Chair Seat Construction Detail

The result is quite unlike anything seen in office seats before, the seat pad is built up from 4 distinct layers of support and covering, designed to combat restricted blood circulation and other discomforts caused by prolonged static seating.

The base strata is the global springing layer which provides the main support, onto this is added the local springing layer specifically designed to adapt to each move a user makes and provide them with the support they need.

Two further layers the mat layer and finally the breathable textile layer completes the seat pad structure.

The overall effect when seated is a feeling of floating rather than sitting in the way we are normally used to. The added benefit of excellent air circulation due to the breathable fabric and open springing make up means that users should never feel uncomfortably hot or sweaty sitting in an Embody chair.

A lot of thought has also gone into making sure the Embody is capable of fitting the vast majority of users and whilst it's a big chair it has some clever adjustment features allowing it to be tailored for smaller framed users too. For example the adjustable arms can be easily moved closer together to ensure they are a good fit for people with narrow shoulders. Adjustable seat depth takes care of accommodating individual user's leg length.

Maybe you tend to mull over things if so reflective recline makes it possible to lean back even further and this is great when you want to stretch and reflect on a work issue or maybe take a phone call.

Here's where you will find our review of the Embody.

Where To Buy Online

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