Review Of the Embody Ergonomic Chair

Herman Miller's groundbreaking new Embody chair launched in the fall of 2008 has been well received by users and is available online here. In this review I run through its key features and points of difference to discover what sets it apart from other office seating products.

What's Special About the Embody - Why Should You Choose It?

Embody Chair Front View

Embody Chair Front View

If you find office chairs lack comfort after you have sat in them for a while then you are not alone, back pain and neck ache are still commonplace. By opting for a radically new approach to the core features of the Embody principally the back and seat, Herman Miller has created a chair designed to move naturally with your body as you make micro movements whilst working, it seems to effortlessly support your back and body.

It really feels like you are floating in the chair, so different to the usual restrictive 90 degree sitting posture typical of the majority of office chairs.

To achieve this the chair's designers have taken two radically different approaches to the way the chair's back is constructed and its interaction with your body. First, there's the narrow main back support to mimic your spine, second are the Backfit supports which allow total freedom of movement.

Embody Chair Back Detail

Embody Chair Back Detail

Then there is the absence of any hard edges or frame supports to get in the way and cause discomfort, it's rather like having a second spine and back supporting your every movement.

A similar approach has been taken with the seat to tackle the problem of aching thighs and sitting discomfort which commonly sets in when sitting for long periods. Using a completely new design, the seat is constructed from 4 individual layers of springing support and fabric, these layers form a dynamic matrix which Miller call Pixelated support.

This radical composite make-up supports your every movement, distributing body weight evenly and at the same time reducing seated pressure, increasing blood circulation and even decreasing heart rate. This all adds up to greater comfort and productivity during the working day, allowing you to concentrate fully on your work.

Those who find traditional upholstery makes them sweaty or uncomfortably warm, will appreciate the new breathable fabric specially developed for the Embody because it allows the best of both worlds, better circulation without sacrificing user comfort unlike mesh which some find harsh to sit on.

Embody Chair Arm Detail

Embody Chair Arm Detail

The Embody comes in a single size, so no need to consult sizing charts, thanks to the wide range of adjustments and gas lift options it will fit pretty much anyone. So if you are small framed then the low gas lift will be the choice for you as it can be set as low as 15 inches and with the arms allowing 6 inches of horizontal adjustment perfect arm positioning shouldn't be an issue.

For average height and taller users' selecting the standard or extended gas lift options will take care of your needs.

If you like to recline in your chair yet have never found one which reclines fully enough you'll appreciate the two inbuilt options on the Embody. The first of these Miller calls working recline and it allows users to operate in a reclined and more relaxed work position whilst still remaining in visual and active contact with their computer and desk top.

This is recognized as being a very healthy position to work in as it reduces spinal compression as well as slowing the loss of fluid from discs allowing your head to remain in line with your computer monitor.

Maybe you tend to mull over things if so reflective recline makes it possible to lean back even further and this is great when you want to stretch and reflect on a work issue or maybe take a phone call.

What Are the Drawbacks to the Embody?

Well clearly the main downside to the Embody is its price, starting at around $1100 it's a considerable outlay for anyone to make, as a result it needs to be viewed as an investment in your future comfort and productiveness.

Herman Miller® see it this way as they offer a 12 year 3 shift warranty meaning they expect the chair to last at least a dozen years and when viewed like this the cost isn't quite so daunting.

Some will find annoying the lack of any self-adjusting components meaning they will need to spend time adjusting and seating up their chair to get it to their liking. This won't be an issue for hands on people who like to fine tune everything. Either way, once it's set up there shouldn't be any need to alter things again.

Overall Assessment of the Embody

Overall the Embody is an excellent chair and it's plain Herman Miller® has invested a lot of time, money and design input developing what must now become their flagship office chair.

Preserving the planet has become an important issue these days so it's good to see the Embody has a very high level of environmentally friendly accreditation, being 95% recyclable and made from 42% recycled material.

Here's a great user review telling what the Embody is like after 4 month's daily use, it will give an insight into what it's like after the initial euphoria has worn off.

Where To Buy Online

If you like to find out more about the Embody, this online specialist offers a great deal as well as free shipping and 30 day money back guarantee.

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