Here Are The Key Aspects Of The Aeron Basic Chair

The Miller Basic Aeron® is the entry level chair in the range and while it has many of the functions of the higher specification highly adjustable version it is also lacking a number of highly important settings which restrict its adjustability and overall comfort.

Here's what you will get on this entry level model.

  • 13 different mesh seat Pellicle (seating fabric) choices
  • 3 sizes of chair to take care of differing body sizes
  • Kinematic Tilt Tension set up chair balance perfectly for your weight
  • Armless as standard can only be upgraded to fixed arms
  • 5 star base with choice of caster type

You also have the possibility of adding an adjustable lumbar support, at an additional cost if you choose to do so.

However it is the missing functions on this model which constrain users from being able to fine tune the chair more closely to their personal needs despite the 3 Aeron sizes being available..

It simply isn't possible to order either height of fully adjustable arms on this version consequently if the arms are in the incorrect position then you may well end up being uncomfortable. I have seen suggestions saying it's possible to manually adjust the arm height by removing the plastic arm cover and using a torx screwdriver loosen the screws holding the arms then moving the arms and re-tightening the screws. While this may work it will almost certainly invalidate manufacturer's warranty so can't be recommended.

The chair only comes with a standard tilt mechanism and so excludes the ability to limit the tilt angle and seat angle, although this isn't critical it is still good to have the flexibility to fine tune the way you recline and sit.

PostureFit® is another enhancement which doesn't come with the basic although you can specify a lumbar support as an extra which goes some way to providing good back support.

Although the build quality on this version is the same as the highly adjustable model, it is the missing features which overall make it a poor option. As much as anything it is probably offered to at least include the chance of owning an Aeron® by keeping the cost down, albeit at some sacrifice to functionality and complete seating comfort.

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