Aeron® Work Stool Review

Launched in late 2006, the Aeron® work stool completes the Aeron® range and offers the ideal seating solution for those working at higher than normal work surfaces. The stool is ideal for people who work in a wide variety of environments, like office receptions, banking and retail, manufacturing, health and science labs - in fact anywhere that involves unconventional work heights.

Aeron® Work Stool What's Different About It?

Aeron® Work Stool

Aeron® Work Stool

At the heart of the stool is the Fine-Tune footring, an innovative foot and lower body support that allows users to set the stool up perfectly for their needs. When it's correctly adjusted the sitter won't feel pressure on the undersides of their legs which makes sure that proper blood circulation is maintained and with it overall comfort.

The other great feature about the Fine-Tune footring is that once the user has it set up to their individual needs, if they subsequently alter the seat height then the footring moves with the seat and so maintains the right position set by the user. The footring gas a ribbed profile ensuring your feet don't keep slipping of it.

The stool is offered in a low or high option allowing an overall seating height variation between 24.5 inches and 34 inches depending on the model chosen. The actual differences are detailed below.

These are the main features of the stool that is otherwise built around a broadly similar core to the standard Aeron® chair range.

Aeron® Work Stool Model Options

The stool like the side chair is built around the Aeron® size B chair body, the most commonly used and popular size of Aeron®. Whilst this might seem a little restrictive, it is in fact quite logical, as the footring adjustment allows individuals a wide setting range that makes the need for different seat sizes far less important.

As with the main chair range the stool is offered in both highly adjustable (loaded) and basic options. The loaded option is the more flexible of the two as it includes all the adjustment options that let people set up the stool to their exact needs.

The loaded option includes

  • Fully adjustable arms for perfect arm comfort
  • Kinemat® tilt for natural lower body movement
  • Choice of Lumbar Support of PostureFit® back support system
  • Body frame finish in either Graphite or Titanium
  • 13 breathable, lightweight Pellicle® fabrics for superb body support
  • Forward tilt and tilt limiter adjustability

The basic option is much more limited as it has fixed arms and doesn't include lumbar support or PostureFit® options, nor does it include forward tilt and tilt limiter adjustment. Clearly the loaded option is the one to go for, if your budget will cover it.

Dimensions And Adjustments

Here's a quick rule of thumb, if your work surface is up to 36 inches go for the low stool and for heights above this up to 42 inches then you need the high stool and this applies to either the loaded of basic models.

These are the actual adjustment ranges, the low stool is height adjustable between 24.5 inches and 29 inches and Fine-Tune footring can be adjusted between 15 inches and 17.5 inches. The high stool is height adjustable from 27.5 inches to 34 inches and the footring has a wider overall movement from 15 inches to 20.5 inches from the seat.

The fully adjustable arms give a generous 4 inches of height adjustability as well as being able to pivot 15° outwards and 17.5° inwards. This wide range of adjustment will make it possible that virtually any user can attain perfect arm comfort.

Other Options

The stools are also offered with added protection for their seat, arms and back with what Herman Miller call a frame appliqué. The idea is that it offers protection should the stool come into contact with wood-edge work surfaces. The only drawback is that the appliqué options don't meet the CAL 133 combustibility standard.

Where To Buy Online

Both versions are available from this online specialist, you can find the Highly Adjustable Stool here or go here for the Basic Stool, both have a low price guarantee, as well as free shipping and an amazing 10 year return policy.

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