The Aeron® Chair: Stylish Comfort For Any Office

Part of Herman Miller's Lifework Portfolio, a collection of classic and newly designed desks, chairs and storage pieces, Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf's Aeron Chair is a masterpiece in both form and function. The Aeron® Chair was designed to provide ergonomic support for hours, lending itself perfectly for office workers who spend the majority of their day planted in front of a computer.

Every Aeron® Chair comes equipped with PostureFit technology, providing the user with custom-fit lower back support below the beltline. This innovative ergonomic design is not only supremely comfortable to sit in, but also helps promote healthier posture. Featuring a high, contoured back, the Aeron® Chair is designed to take weight off the lower spine and its "waterfall" front edge reduces pressure under the thighs, allowing for better leg circulation.

It's unique, contoured shape is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the Aeron® Chair. According to designer Bill Stumpf, "Competitive ergonomic chairs became look-alikes." He and Don Chadwick strived to create a "new signature shape" for the Aeron® and for all intents and purposes, succeeded. The human form itself was the inspiration for the Aeron®, where as just like the human form, the Aeron® features no straight lines anywhere in the design.

A common mistake that people make when shopping online for Aeron® Chairs is purchasing knock-offs. This makes sense, since Aeron® knock-offs are often hundreds of dollars less than the genuine Herman Miller version. It's important to consider the benefits of purchasing an authentic Aeron® Chair, as you really do get more for your money. Not only do you get all of the ergonomic benefits of a genuine Aeron® Chair, but you also get the 12-year Herman Miller warranty. It's especially important that you purchase your Herman Miller product from a licensed retailer, as it's easy to get duped by fakes on sites like EBay.

Not only are genuine Aeron® Chairs ergonomically designed and stylish, but they are also extremely eco-friendly. Herman Miller has been an eco-conscious company since the early 1950s, when founder D.J. DuPree promised that the company would "be a good corporate neighbor by being a good steward of the environment." Since the early days, Herman Miller has allotted 50 percent of each of its various corporate office spaces to "green space" as well as placing an abundance of windows in all of its buildings for more natural light. Many of its products are entirely or at least partially made from recycled materials, including the Aeron® Chair.

As if you needed another reason to love the Aeron®, it's become a star of both television and film, making appearances on "The West Wing," "House," "The Office" and even "The Simpsons." The Aeron® was also M's chair of choice in 2006's James Bond adventure, "Casino Royale". When it comes to creating stylish, ergonomically-designed office furniture, Herman Miller is certainly at the head of the pack.

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